Terms of Service

[Article 1 (Purpose)]
The purpose of these Provisions is to set forth the terms and conditions of use of information service provided by the KOCEF (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”) and other matters necessary through this entry receiving site.

[Article 2 (Effect and Revision of the Provisions)]
① These Provisions become effective with the user’s agreement when he/she registers as a member.
② The KOCEF may revise these Member Provisions at any time and for any reason including change in how information is managed, and the revised Provisions shall take effect when the KOCEF posts them on its service website or notifies users of the revision by other means.

[Article 3 (General Standards other than the Provisions)]
Any matters not addressed by these Provisions shall be handled as provided for in applicable laws and regulations.

[Article 4 (Definition of Terms)]
The terms used in these Provisions shall be as follows:
① Member : Person whose application for Member Service was approved by the KOCEF and for whom a Member ID was issued.
② Member ID : A combination of Roman letters or Roman letters and numbers selected by the user and accepted by the KOCEF, required for identification of the user and use of the Service.
③ Password : A combination of Roman letters or Roman letters and numbers selected by the user to confirm the user and Member ID and to be used as his/her own password for internet communication.

[Article 5 (Information Service Member Registration)]
① Member registration becomes effective with approval by the KOCEF of application for use and agreement on terms of the Provisions by the user.
② Those registered as Members to use the Service should provide personal information requested by the KOCEF.
③ When the KOCEF approves an application for member registration, the KOCEF shall notify the applicant of necessary matters such as Member ID and password and provide other guidance as necessary.
④ The KOCEF may not approve a member registration if any of the following subparagraphs applies:
1. The applicant registered with another person’s identity.
2. The applicant did not register with a real name.
3. The applicant falsified information on the member registration application.
4. The applicant registered with intent to undermine law and order of society or public morals.

[Article 6 (Obligations of the KOCEF)]
① The KOCEF shall provide the Service continuously and reliably 24 hours a day, all year round, unless the Service is interrupted by unavoidable operational or technical problems; provided that the KOCEF may limit the Service after notifying Members of planned Service interruption when deemed necessary by the KOCEF for such reason as regular system maintenance.
② The KOCEF shall make the Service immediately available to the new Member on the date of member registration unless an unavoidable circumstance occurs.
③ The KOCEF should address opinions posted by a Member on a bulletin board by appropriate means. If a posting by a Member requires a response by the KOCEF, the KOCEF shall indicate the deadline by which it will make such response.
④ The KOCEF shall rigorously maintain the security of Member information, use Member information for provision of good quality Service or improving the Service, and shall not transfer Member information to any third party for other purposes than the stated purposes; provided, however, that the KOCEF may provide such information at the request of a government agency for the purpose of a criminal investigation or other public purpose, or for use in statistical analysis or academic research in a form in which specific individuals cannot be identified.

[Article 7 (Obligations of Member)]
① A Member is totally responsible for management of his/her ID and Password.
② A Member shall consent to receiving email by the KOCEF as part of the Service.
③ If a Member discovers that his/her ID was used by a third party, the Member shall immediately notify the KOCEF thereof without fail.
④ A Member shall fully comply with all matters stipulated in these Provisions and applicable laws and regulations.

[Article 8 (Revocation of Membership and Restriction on Use)]
Membership shall be revoked and the use of Service shall be restricted if any of the following subparagraphs applies:
① A Members' use of the Service is involved in any act that undermines public order and good morals.
② A Members' use of the Service is involved in a criminal act.
③ A Member uses or plans to use the Service with intent to undermine the national interest or common good.
④ A Member used another Member's ID or Password illegally.
⑤ A Member defames another Member or causes disadvantages to others.
⑥ The same Member registered with two different IDs.
⑦ A Member hinders other Members' use of the Service.
⑧ A Member violates any of the terms and conditions of use or applicable laws and regulations.
1. If the KOCEF decides to restrict the use of Service, the KOCEF shall notify the Member in question or the Member’s agent of the reason, date, time, and duration of restriction in writing or by phone; provided however, that KOCEF may restrict the use of Service without notification in any case where the KOCEF deems immediate restriction of the use of Service to be necessary.
2. A Member of his/her agent who was notified of the restriction of the use of Service according to subparagraph ① of Article 8 may make a formal objection thereto.
3. The KOCEF may lift the restriction on the use of Service during the duration of restriction if the reasons therefor no longer apply.

[Article 9 (Management of Postings by Members)]
The KOCEF may delete any postings or registered information on the Service by Members without notification if any of the following subparagraphs applies:
① A posting or registered information slanders or defames other individuals or groups.
② A posting or registered information undermines public order and public morals.
③ A posting or registered information constitutes a criminal act.
④ A posting or registered information infringes on rights of others including copyrights and other rights.
⑤ A posting or registered information is irrelevant.
⑥ A posting or registered information is in violation of KOCEF rules or applicable laws and regulations.

[Article 10 (Management of Postings and Copyrights)]
① The copyright to any posting registered in the Service shall be jointly owned by the Member and the KOCEF.
② A Member shall not use contents of the Service in his/her business activities without prior approval of the KOCEF.