All of the personal information the Korea Ceramic Foundation deals with is collected and processed with the consent of the data subject in accordance with relevant laws. The Personal Information Protection Act provides general provisions pertaining to the treatment of personal information. The Korea Ceramic Foundation shall legitimately and moderately treat each user’s personal information according to the provisions in the act so as to properly perform public service and protect civil rights. The foundation has formulated a policy for processing this information so as to protect each user’s personal information and rights and handle any grievances concerning each user’s personal information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act. The foundation shall announce any revisions to its policy for processing personal information through its website.

[Article 1 (Purpose of Processing Personal Information, Period of Possession, Processed Personal Information)]
The Korea Ceramic Foundation has processed personal information for purposes as outlined below. It shall not use personal information for purposes other than the following. If there are any changes to such purposes, the foundation shall take necessary measures such as receiving consent separately according to the Personal Information Protection Act Article 18. Each user’s personal information shall be removed immediately in the case that the purpose of processing personal information is achieved in principle. Information for the following is preserved during the period stipulated for each reason.

Online Application for Membership and Management
• Personal information is processed for purposes of confirming one’s intent to become a member, identifying and verifying oneself, maintaining and managing membership, preventing unjust use of service, and making notifications and announcements.
• Personal information is processed for purposes of online application and utilization on online platform. The purposes and grounds for operating personal information files and the period of possessing the files registered and disclosed pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act Article 32 are as follows.
  • Title of Personal Information Files : Online Application DB
  • Purpose of Operating Personal Information Files : Membership registration and management
  • Items of Personal Information : Name, email, date of birth, nationality, mailing address, cellular phone number, occupation, career
  • Grounds for Possessing Personal Information : Personal Information Protection Standard Guide
  • Period of Possessing Personal Information : Until withdrawal from the membership

[Article 2 (Destruction of Personal Information)]
The Korea Ceramic Foundation shall destroy personal information without delay after the period of possession has passed or when the purpose of processing personal information has been achieved. In the event that personal information should be preserved pursuant to the relevant law, no action is required. The procedure, term, and method of destruction of personal information are as follows.

• Destruction procedure: Data which users input shall be immediately destroyed after accomplishing an intended purpose pursuant to inside policy or relevant acts.
• Destruction term: A user’s personal information shall be destroyed within five days of canceling one’s membership. In the event in which one’s personal information has become unnecessary, it shall be destroyed within five days from the date when it is recognized as unnecessary.
• Destruction method: When destroying personal information processed by the Korea Ceramic Foundation, the following methods shall be adopted.
1. Electronic files: These files shall be permanently deleted in a way that makes restoration impossible.
2. Recorded or printed materials, letters, or other recording media other than electronic files: These types of media shall be shredded or incinerated.

[Article 3 (Privacy Officers)]
The Korea Ceramic Foundation has designated a privacy officer who is comprehensively in charge of processing the personal information of each website member in order to protect personal information and handle complaints pertaining to personal information processing. (A privacy officer is stipulated in the Personal Information Protection Act Article 31 Clause 1.)

[Article 4 (Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties)]
Personal information cannot be used for purposes other than those mentioned above and cannot be provided to third parties without users’ consent. The Korea Ceramic Foundation assumes all responsibility for this. Exceptions are made in the following cases.

1. In the case that users’ minimum information (name, address, telephone number) is provided to shipping companies for delivery service.
2. In the case that personal information (with which each individual cannot be distinguished) is provided for statistical work, academic research, or market research.
3. In the case that identification is required for preventing appropriation.
4. In the case of unavoidable reasons stipulated by provisions and regulations of laws.

[Article 5 (Entrustment of Processing of Personal Information)]
The Korea Ceramic Foundation shall provide third parties with personal information and entrust the processing of personal information to third parties in order to notify the progress of the Korean International Ceramic Biennale (KICB) International Competition, to offer diverse contents pertaining to the biennale, and to transport artworks.

• Those provided with personal information: PR materials and DM sending agencies, artwork shipping companies
• Purpose of the use of personal information: sending promotional materials, transporting exhibits
• Items of personal information provided: name, address, telephone number, e-mail
• Terms of possession and use of personal information: within 10 days after submitting the completion of the task