Community Project

Community Project
This project will provide artists selected through the International Competition of KICB with opportunities to take part in events arranged by institutions at home and abroad, through the international network that KOCEF has established since the KICB was launched 20 years ago. This Project will continue to build the global network with a view to developing overseas ceramic art markets, and it aspires to make Gyeonggi-do Province the yet another center for art and cultural exchange.

KICB Residency Program

This program will connect 300 artists recognized at the International Competition of KICB 2019 with appropriate institutes in Korea and other countries. They will be given priority in participating in the projects hosted by these institutes. By agreement with the KOCEF, each of the cooperative communities in Korea and other countries including institutes of residency programs, museums, and galleries will invite artists from among the 300 artists recognized at the International Competition of KICB for residency programs in 2019 and 2020.
Of twelve artists selected by KOCEF, five foreign artists will introduce their works and processes through public programs during the Biennale. The residency program, arranged to share the artists’ work with the viewers, will be an opportunity for the viewers to gain a better understanding of the art production process and communicate with the artists in person.


Guldagergaard is an international ceramic center for the development of ceramic art, craft and design which is a non-profit institution with state funding from the Danish Ministry of Culture and the municipality of Slagelse. International artists and designers are offered studio residencies, workshops, master classes, seminars and international symposiums with the focus on contemporary themes.

  • Main Programs : Studio residency, Workshop, Seminar
  • Homepage :
  • Location : Old harbour town of Skælskør, located 1 hour from the Copenhagen international airport.
    Heilmannsvej 31A, DK-4230 Skælskør, Denmark
Special : Artist-in-Residence program associated with KICB2019

Held on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and Denmark, Korea Ceramic Foundation and Guldagergaard will provide Korean artists among artists selected at the International Competition of KICB2019 with opportunity to participate in the artist-in-residence program in Guldagergaard.

  • Duration : Scheduled for 2020
  • Paid by Host : Round-trip airline ticket, Artist-in-Residency at Guldagergaard; housing and studio, etc.
  • Eligibility : Some Korean artists among the selected artists of International Competition of the Korean International Ceramic Biennale 2019.
Regular Programs
Regular Artist-in-Residence Programs

The residency program offers artists, designers and craftsmen the possibility of working in the largest studios in Northern Europe. The artists increase artistic development, professional experience and network. The program combines an international atmosphere and wide professional dialogue within a concentrated work period, with the exchange of knowledge and research into materials, techniques and ideas.

  • Duration : One month residency in 2019 or 2020
  • Paid by Host :
    • Artist-in-Residency at Guldagergaard; housing and studio
    • Free access to all facilities, all archives and studio collection, technical support etc.
    • PR and Exhibition including opening reception
    • Budget of DKK 5000 for materials and firings
  • Paid by Artist : Travel to Guldagergaard
  • Application Guidelines : Application must include: artist statement, CV and 5 images.
    • Applications must be sent by email to Project coordinator Stina Nielsen
  • Other Programs : Guldagergaard offers workshops, symposiums, seminars and talent programs.
    • Application Guidelines : see our website
  • Language : English
Facility Information

Guldagergaard has the largest ceramic studio in Northern Europe with gas, electric and woodfired kilns. Furthermore Guldagergaard has a large modern plaster and mold making room with plaster wheel (jigger jolly) and plaster lathe. We have a slip casting room with blunger and mini casting system. Other studio equipment is our slab roller, drying and a damp cabinet, and an extruder and 3D printer. We also have a glaze laboratory with spray booth and a wood workshop with different kind of tools.

Technical Information
    • Lil Skutt - 40 liters : H32 x H31cm (cylinder)
    • Skottie - 40 liters : H32 x H31cm (cylinder Scandia (test kiln) / 70 liters : W32 x D45 x H44cm
    • Petruzka(test kiln) - 70 liters : W32 x D45 x H38cm
    • Skutt(top loaded) - 250 liters : W58 x H65cm (cylinder)
    • Gertie - 250 liters : W44 x D55 x H80cm
    • Jørgen Jyde - 400 liters : W59 x D70 x H90cm
    • Golden Brigit - 1000 liters : W80 x D110 x H103cm
    • Danloff - 500 liters : W70 x D70 x H90cm
    • Fred Olsen - 1000 liters : W100 x D100 x H100cm
    • Pekka - 400 liters : W75 x H80 (cylinder)
    • Raku - 50 liters
    • Bourry Box by Robert Sanderson - 450 liters : W170 x D50 x H50 cm
    • Soda - 550 liters : W75 x D61 x H111 cm
    • Babygama Anagama kiln by Andres Aillik - 1.5 m³ : W115 x D218 x H92 cm
    • Embla Cross draught by Fred Olsen - W58 x D40 x H103 cm
    • Speedy by Hendrik Schöne - W58 x D40 x H103 cm
    • Kusakabe by Masakazu Kusakabe - W47 x D63 x 118 cm
Accommodation Information

Artists live in the beautiful manor house from 1910. The house is kept in a traditional Danish style. Resident artist can either stay in double or single rooms. The houses up to 12 artists at the same time.