Live Art Events

Forty-two artists selected during the International Competition for on-site exhibitions will participate in talks with the audience, art demonstrations and the Biennale’s participatory programs in the gallery space.
Viewers will be invited into a space where they can appreciate and experience artworks by all their senses rather than having a mere visual experience.
Diverse experiences and hands-on activities while viewing the artworks of the on-site exhibitions will be a special time for the viewers to not only experience art but to commune and communicate with the artists themselves.

  • Date : April - May (The date will be notified later)
  • Venue : Icheon World Ceramics Center, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
  • Participant : 42 artists for onsite exhibition
  • Program : Performance, Talk


This is a related program presented by onsite exhibition artists at the gallery of the Icheon World Ceramic Center. It includes art demonstrations, events joined by the audience and experts, and collaboration programs by ceramic artists. This performance program has been arranged to invite the audience to have hands-on experience and communicate with the artists rather than to present only an exhibition for visual experience.

  • Art Demonstration Program : The program enables the audience to have new experience of observing the art production process and communicating with the artists in person to get a better understanding of them.
  • Participation Program for Viewers and Experts : Participation Program for Viewers and Experts is a community-led collaboration program of ceramic art, a forum where artists visiting KICB from home and abroad and viewers can communicate with each other directly.


On the stage of ‘Artist of the Day,’ an artist explains his or her visual language and world view for seven minutes to the audience, followed by Q&A session. Each artist and the audience can communicate freely with each other.

※ The detailed schedule will be updated soon.