Onsite Exhibition

The KICB2019 selected 300 notable artists of our time for their experimentation, artistry, and creativity to elicit fresh discussion about art and ceramics. The Icheon World Ceramic Center presents some 200 works by the forty-two most notable artists at the biennale from 18 countries. Visitors can see ceramic art that addresses a wide range of themes and genres, from works focusing on traditional techniques and functional values to conceptual and epic works, from minimalist works to abstract and lively works, and from objects to installations.

This will be an opportunity for visitors to experience a ‘moving museum’ featuring dynamic performances such as lectures, demonstrations of artwork, and hands-on activities. Visitors will experience artworks by synesthetic imagination through all of their five senses.

Paradigm Shift in Crafts

A new takeoff in ceramic art will raise the quality of art and expand the realm of art in general.

  • Part 1 <Aesthetics of Design>
    Through persistent experimentation on color and further research on forms, artists have explored physical properties and structures of objects. Their artworks make the viewers think about true decorative beauty and rational design.
    Artists: Jeongmee Lee, Gippeum Roh, Elke Sada, Kajin Lee, Tomonari Hashimoto, Matt Kelleher, Kathy Erteman, Bruce Taylor, Ken Eastman, Ilona Broeseliske, Jeongwon Lee
  • Part 2 <Cross Interpretation and Re-discovery of Values>
    The values of crafts are rediscovered through innovative sculptures with motifs of architectural engineering and mathematics and works of characteristic design that combine traditional cultural elements and craftsmanship with modern technology.
    Artists: Claire Lindner, Walter McConnell, Eliza Au, Anton Alvarez, Irina Razumovskaya, Sungjae Choi, Tsuyoshi Hotate, Toru Kurokawa, Seohee Park, Kyungwon Baek, Kaibo Xiong, Akiko Taniguchi, Beatrijs Van Rheeden
Feeling Sympathy that Transcends All Life

The focus is on delving into the experiences of others through ceramic crafts that tell stories.

  • Part 3 <Cycle of Death and Rebirth>
    All living things on the planet earth are physically ephemeral, but we remember them forever. At the center of world in eternity, they talk about humans and nature as well as gods and this world.
    Artists: Ngozi Ezema, Yehrim Lee, Alison Shanks, Andrii Kyrychenko, Lauren Kalman, Sungwook Park, Kate Roberts, Aneta Regel, King Houndekpinkou, Fangyi Chu
  • Part 4 <Disturbance of Familiar Aspects>
    Phenomena of modern society such as human desire and anxiety, issues of the natural environment, and cultural hybridization caused by cultural conflicts and acculturation are addressed by artists who use clay as a medium and interpret the world from diverse viewpoints.
    Part 5 <Joyful Dialogue>
    Stories about nature and humans, beliefs and humors, and reality and fantasy, as well as stories about delicate emotions and seriousness in everyday living are told through plays and parodies by artists.
    Artists: Michael Flynn, Dylan Beck, Yuri Ogino, Wookjae Maeng, Wesley Brown, Nao Matsunaga, Tip Toland, Beth Katleman