Past Biennale

The 9th Biennale 2017

Under the theme of <Narrative: Ode to Life>, the GICB 2017 illuminates ceramic works from around the world that tell stories about our lives, be that through society and culture at large as well as the lives of individuals and groups. Stories of people's lives have long been an important subject in art, and art forms that narrate them have unfolded in countless ways. This biennale will serve as a forum to restore the relationship between people and ceramics, and establish the values of ceramic culture anew by exploring people’s lives in every respect, including everyday living, dreams, history, culture, and politics through works of ceramic art.

  • Duration : Apr.22.(Sat) ~ May.28.(Sun), 2017
  • Venues : Icheon Cerapia, Gwangju Gonjiam Ceramic Park, Yeoju Dojasesang
  • Theme : Narrative_Story, Memory, Pray
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Exhibition Program
  • Main Exhibition
    • - International Competition 2017
    • - Thematic Exhibition in Icheon <Story: About Life>
    • - Thematic Exhibition in Yeoju <Pray: Cherishing Life>
    • - Thematic Exhibition in Gwangju <Memory: Reflecting on Life>
  • Special Exhibition
    • - International Ceramics Competition for the Disabled
    • - Invitational Exhibition <Neil Brownsword: Factory>
    • - Selected Works from KOCEF Collection <Teaware: The Essentials of English Afternoon Tea>
    • - Selected Works from KOCEF Collection at Toyaseum
    • - The 5th Beautiful Korean Ceramics Competition
Academic Program
  • - International Ceramics
  • - Symposium Seminar on Ceramics Education
  • - Conference Tour
Workshop Program
  • - International Ceramics Workshop
  • - CeraMIX Glass Art Workshop
  • - Gwangju Traditional Craft Workshop
  • - Yeoju Craft Workshop
  • - Neil Brownsword Special Workshop
Collateral Events
  • - Ceramic cultural Events
  • - Ceramic Cultural Exchange Program
  • - 31st Icheon Ceramics Festival
  • - 29th Yeoju Ceramics Festival
  • - 20th Gwangju Royal Ceramics Festival
  • - Performances, Markets