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Paula Murray폴라 머리

  • Canada Council Explore and Create Grant

  • 2019.09.02
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I have received support from the Canada Council to continue working on my response to my travel to the Arctic in 2017. I was selected to join the Canada C3 Expedition, a signature legacy project marking Canada's 150th Anniversary. My piece titled "Who is Speaking?  Who is Listening?" is on exhibition in Ottawa until January 2020, with plans to travel following this Open Channels Exhibition.

Artist Statement 

“While in Nunavut, the importance of listening rang true; to the land, to each other, to ourselves. Our level of consciousness limits what we hear. These porcelain forms?referencing animal horns traditionally used as hearing aids challenge us. Do we need to shout to be heard? Are we hard of hearing? Are we talking past each other? How do we reach our hearts? Only then can we respond to the Calls to Action cited in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report