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Kris Campo크리스 캄포

    Belgium, 벨기에
    2018 Curator ' CRMCS#1', Contemporary Ceramics in Belgium, Brussels
    Teacher Ceramics at the Academy of Fine Arts Sint-Niklaas (from 1997), Belgium
    1986 at the 'Royal Academy of Fine Arts', Antwerp and at the 'Higher Institute for Plastic Arts St Lucas', Gent, Ceramics
    2019 Monumentality/Fragility, Design & Craft Council, Kilkenny, Ireland
    2018 Track & Traces #3 Snowlight, gallery Zwart Huis, Brussels, Belgium
    2018 Homo Faber, Michelangelo Foudation, Venice, Italy
    2015 Arts & Crafts from Belgium, Gallery Handwerkkammer, Munich, Germany
    2014 Solo CERCO 2014, Slaughter House, Zaragoza, Spain
    2014 'Collect' 2014, Saatchi, London, UK
    2014 Ceramic Arts London 2014, Royal College, London, UK
    2014 Belgian Ceramists, Ceramic Centre, La Borne, France
    2013 Paradigm: Norway meets Flanders, Design Flanders, Brussels, Belgium
    2012 Trac & Traces #1 Me, My Family & I, Popup Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
    2011 Modern Masters, Gallery Handwerk, Munich, Germany
    2018 Selection, European Prize for Applied Arts, WCCBF, Mons, Belgium
    2018 Selection, European Ceramic Context 2018, Bornholm, Danmark
    2012 Selection, XII International Biennial, Vallauris, France
    2012 First Price, 12th Intern. Prize of Contemporary Ceramics, CERCO, Aragon, Spain
    2010 Selection, ‘European Prize for Applied Arts’, WCCBF, Mons, Belgium
    2010 First Mention, ‘Prize Plastic Art’, Harelbeke, Belgium
    2009 Selection, Ceramics of Europe, Westerwaldprize, Ho?hr-Grenzhausen, Germany
    2009 Selection, 5th World Ceramic Biennal 2009 Korea, Korea
    2008 Selection, Taiwan Ceramics Biennal, Taipei, Taiwan
    2007 Selection, 5th International Ceramic Biennial, Kapfenberg, Austria
    2012 CERCO, Zaragoza, Spain
    2010 Gallery Frank Steyaert, Gent, Belgium
    2001 Icheon Wolrd Ceramic Center, Icheon, South-Korea
    1994 Province of Flanders, Brussels, Belgium
    2016 Artist in residence, Moly Sabata, Sablons, France
    2008 Pottery Workshop, Pottery Workshop, Jingdezhen, China
    1999 Mould Making with Sacha Wardell, WCCBF, Andenne, Belgium
    1985 Raku with Camille Virot, Camille Virot, Banon, France
    1981 Throwing with Antonio Lampecco, Studio's of Maredsous, Maredsous, Belgium
    1977 Throwing with Norbert Pierlot, Castle of Ratilly, Treigny, France

나의 작품은 기억과 잃어버린 꿈에 관한 것이다. 나는 나의 삶의 흔적들을 포착한 후 이 흔적들을 전체적인 틀 안에서 조망한다. 이 흔적들은 내가 누구인지를 말해준다. 나의 삶을 형태화한 이 작품은 자서전은 아니고 내가 관람객들에게 남기는 패턴 조각들일 뿐이다.

My work is about memories and lost dreams. I capture impressions from my life, transmit them and place them in perspective. They leave traces of whom I am. It is not a biography, but merely pieces of the pattern that shapes my life and that I leave to the passer-by.