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Antonella Cimatti안토넬라 치마티

    Italy, 이탈리아
    Artist, former Professor, Liceo Artistico Design Faenza
    1979 Accademia Belle Arti Bologna, Painting and decoration, Degree in Belle Arti
    1975 Istituto Statale d'Arte per la Ceramica Faenza, Ceramics, Diploma Magistero Artistico per la Ceramica
    1973 Istituto Statale d'Arte per la Ceramica Faenza, Ceramics, Diploma Maestro d'Arte per la Ceramica
    2019 All that’s gold does glitter, Venetian Macao, Macau, China
    2019 - 2021 Particle & Wave - Paperclay Illuminated, touring exhibition in 7 different venues in the United States
    2017 In the Earth Time, Gyeonggi Ceramic Biennale, Yeoju Dojasesang (World Ceramic Livingware Gallery), Icheon, South Korea
    2017 Guest artist exhibition, Fujki Gallery, Shigaraki, Japan
    2016 W-WOMEN IN ITALIAN DESIGN, Triennale Design Museum, Milan, Italy
    2016 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale, Yingge Ceramics Museum, Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taiwan
    2016 Desire, international curated, Belger Art Center, Kansas City, USA
    2016 The
    2015 Scultura ceramica contemporanea in Italia, GNAM Galleria Nazionale d’arte Moderna, Rome, Italy
    2015 On the Threshold, Curated by Jennifer Zwilling, The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, USA
    2014 Latin, Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Gallery 2, Gifu, Japan
    2011 54th Venice Biennale, Italian Pavillion, Reggio Emilia, Italy
    2016 Finalist, Taiwan Ceramics Biennale,, Yingge Ceramics Museum, New Taipei, Taiwan
    2016 Finalist, Taiwan Ceramics Biennale, Yingge Ceramics Museum, New Taipei, Taiwan
    2016 Finalist, Biennale Internationale de Vallauris, Musee de la ceramique, Vallauris, France
    2015 Honorable mention, Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale, Kocef, Ikeon, South Korea
    2014 Public Prize, MunGyeong Chasabal(Tea Bowls) Festival, MunGyeong festival, MunGyeong, South Korea
    2014 First Prize, Sixth International Small Teapot Competition, AMOCA, Pomona, USA
    2014 Finalist, competition Ceramics of Europe 13th Westerwaldprize 2014, Keramik Museum Westerwald, Hohr-Grenzhausen, Germany
    2014 Finalist, 4th International Triennial of Silicate Arts, International Ceramics Studio, Kecskemet, Hungary
    2012 Finalist, Cerco, Feria Y premio International de Ceramica Contemporanea, Zaragoza,, Spain
    2007 Silver Prize, The 4th World Ceramic Biennale 2007 Korea International Competition, Kocef, Icheon, South Korea
    2018 The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Shigaraki, Japan
    2017 ASU Art Museum, Tempe, Arizona, USA
    2016 Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza - MIC, taly, Faenza (Ravenna), Italy
    2016 Musee Magnelli, Musee de la ceramique, Vallauris, France
    2015 WOCEF collections, World Ceramic Exposition Foundation, Icheon, South Korea
    2014 International Ceramics Studio, Kecskemet Collection, Kecskemet, Hungary
    2013 FLICAM, Fule International Ceramic Art Museum, Fuping, China
    2012 Westerwald Ceramics Museum, Hohr-Grenzhausen,, Germany
    2011 Sevres - Cite de la ceramique, France, Sevres, France
    2011 Museum Ariana, Geneeve, Switzerland
    2018 Recidency, Guest artist Taoxichuan international Studio, Taoxichuan international Studio, Jingdezhen, China
    2017 Recidency, Guest artist Shigaraki cultural park, the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Shigaraki, Japan
    2016 Recidency, Guest artist, Liling Ceramics Valley Museum, Liling, China
    2015 Recidency, Guest artist The Clay Studio, The ClayStudio, Philadelphia, USA
    2014 Workshop, Paperclay with porcelain, La Meridiana, Certaldo, Italy
    2013 Workshop, Paperclay and creativity, Vallauris Art Institute, Vallauris, France
    2013 Workshop, International ceramic art festival in Sasama, Sasama, Sasama-Shimada, Japan
    2013 Recidency, Fuping Pottery Art Village, FuLe International Ceramic Art Museums, Fuping, China
    2011 Workshop, Delhi Blue, Sanskriti Foundation, New Delhi, India
    2009 Residency Guest artist work camp Nanfeng Kiln, Nanfeng Kiln International Ceramic, Foshan, China

이 작품의 창작 의도는 ‘가벼움’ 이라는 주제를 도자기를 통하여 표현하는 것이다. 여기서 가벼움이란 물리적인 무게뿐만 아니라 시각적으로 느끼는 무게 모두를 의미한다. 나의 작품은 대부분 설치작품이다. 나의 작품들이 놓여질 공간들을 상상하면서 그런 공간 속에서 관람객들과 소통하기를 희망한다.

My objective has been to create lightness in ceramics, not only regarding weight but also visually. A large part of my work is dedicated to installations, I like to play with the spaces in which my pieces are going to be inserted, and I like to create a connection with the viewers.