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Anne Turn안네 튀른

    Estonia, 에스토니아
    1994 Tallinn Art University
    2014 Westerwald Prize, Westerwald Museum, Hohr-Grenzhausen, Germany
    2014 Ceramics Competition Mino, Mino, Tajimi city, Japan
    2013 58 Premio Faenza, Faenza Museum, Faenza, Italy
    2018 Special Prize, Ceramics and Colours Award, Faenza Art Ceramic Centre, Faenza, Italy
    2017 Special Prize, GIC Biennale, GIC Biennale, Icheon, Korea
    2004 Silver Medal, EuCeCo, Municipality of Amaroussin, Athens, Greece
    2003 Prize od the Ceramics Association of Switzerland, Prize de Caroque, Musee de Carouge, Carocue, Switzerland
    1998 Grand Prix, The second Biennal of Ceramics, Pulsar International, Monterrey, Mexico
    1997 Merit Award, Fletcher Challenge Award, Fletcher Challenge, Auckland, New Zealand
    1997 Grand Prix, The 5-th triennal of small ceramics, Croatian ministry of Culture, Zagreb, Croatia
    2014 Noble seafood, Shanghai, China
    2014 Estonian Museum of Applied Art, Tallinn, Estonia
    2004 Fuping Ceramics Museum, Fuping, China
    2012 International workshop, Haian Art Centre, Haian, China


It is about things that can not happen, but still they do. We do not know, why. Let us leave some things a miracle like the red rain.