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Sun Kim김선

    Rep. of Korea, 대한민국
    2014 Graduate School, Seoul Women’s University, Department of Art & Design, MFA
    2010 Seoul Women’s University, Department of Art & Design, BFA
    2016 Thread, WeaveⅡ, Old tobacco processing plant, Cheongju, Korea
    2014 Thread, Weave I, KCDF galley, Seoul, Korea
    2018 La plus petite galerie, Roubaix, France
    2016 DHL Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea
    2015 Article Ceramic Centre, Posio, Finland
    2014 UBASE internationl Co,Ltd, Seoul, Korea
    2010 Seoul Women's University, Seoul, Korea
    2017 International Ceramics Workshop-Mentoring Camp, Korea Ceramic Foundation, Icheon, Korea
    2016 Clayarch Gimhae Museum, Clayarch Gimhae Museum, Gimhae, Korea
    2015 Article Ceramic Centre, ACC, Posio, Finland
    2009 ISCAEE Symposium Korea, Korea Ceramic Foundation, Yeoju, Korea

어느 날 문득 사물이나 행위 하나가 자신의 어떤 기억을 떠올리게 할 때가 있다. 나에게는 할머니와 바다 그리고 바느질이다. 어릴 적 할머니와 함께 파도 소리를 들으며 바느질 하던 일이 인상 깊게 남아 있다. 그때의 바다는 할머니와 나를 품은 듯 잔잔하게 움직였다. 할머니의 바느질 하는 모습은 바늘이라는 붓과 실이라는 물감으로 천에 그림을 그리는 듯 했다. 바늘은 천에 머물지 않고 그 자리를 빠져나가 버리고 물결처럼 흔적으로 남은 실의 형상은 어린 내게 흥미로운 일이었다. 나의 작품에 중요한 모티브가 되었다.

One day we are struck by some thing or action that brings back certain memories. For me, these are my grandmother, the sea, and needlework. The memory of hearing the sound of waves while sewing with my grandmother is deeply embedded in me. At those times, the sea moved calmly, as if embracing my grandmother and me. The act of my grandmother’s needlework was like painting on fabric, with the needle as paintbrush and threads as paint. As a child, it was interesting to me that the needle didn’t stay in the cloth, but escaped that spot, leaving behind the thread’s figuration like the trail of a wave. This became an important motif in my artwork.