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Macarena Salinas Amaral살리나스 마카레나

    Chile, 칠레
    2013-2019 Studio Huara Huara with Ruth Krauskopf.
    2005 Workshop with Concepcion Balmes.
    2004 One year Workshop with Eigenio Dittborn
    1990-1994 Master Degree at Catholic University of Chile Art School.
    2019 Le Banquet Of Chile" Grand Palais, Paris, France
    2018 Solo exhibition in La Sala Gallery, Santiago, Chile.
    2018 Colective exhibition Esteka Magazine, in Casas Lo Matta; Santiago, Chile.
    2017 Colective exhibition with Huara Huara Studio, Sculpture Park, Santiago, Chile
    2016 Selecting group, Valparaiso, Chile.
    2015 Colective exhibition in Mamia Bretesche Gallery, Le Marais, Paris, France
    2014 Colective exhibition Esteka Magazine, Hall Apoquindo, Santiago, Chile.
    2014 Selecting exhibition , Contemporany Art Museum, Santiago, Chile
    2010 Solo exhibition in Isabel Aninat Gallery, Santiago, Chile
    2005 Solo exhibition in Artrium Gallery, Santiago, Chile
    2010 Banco de Chile Corredores de Bolsa, Santiago, Chile
    2017 Cristina Cordova Demo, Ceramistas de Renaca, Valparaiso, Chile
    2016 Shozo Michikawa Demo, Huara Huara Studio, Santiago, Chile

나는 작품을 태초로부터, 신비로부터, 원시와 원천 그리고 순수와의 관계를 포착하려는 원초적인 노력에서부터 시작하려고 애쓴다. 나는 조각 작품을 통하여 본질을 찾는 여정에서 조각과 일체가 되는 기호, 상징물 및 코드의 언어를 개발하려 한다.

I try to start from the beginning, from the mystery, from the primordial in an attempt to capture in each sculpture a relationship with the primitive, with origin, purity. Through my sculptures, I intend to develop a language of signs, symbols, and codes that bind with sculpture on a trip to the essential.