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Kyunghee Shin신경희

    Republic of Korea, 대한민국
    2011 Dankook University graduate, ceramics, master
    2018 'The dream of flowers and butterflies', Gallery Daunjae, Ulsan, KOREA, South
    2017 'Tea and Incense', Gallery Min, Seoul, KOREA, South
    2017 'listen to flowers', Art Forum JARFO, Kyoto, JAPAN
    2016 'listen to the incense', Art Forum JARFO, Kyoto, JAPAN
    2015 'Teapots', Art Forum JARFO, Kyoto, JAPAN
    2014 'Dream butterfly' - Teapots, Toing In Gallery, Seoul, KOREA, South
    2011 'Celadon Plate', Gallery Nanum, Seoul, KOREA, South
    2018 Gold, Teapots contest exhibit, Korean Tea Masters Society, Seoul, KOREA,South
    2016 Bronze, Art contest exhibit, Korean Art Association, Seoul, KOREA,South
    2013 Special selection, Modern pottery contest exhibit, Inchen, Incheon, KOREA,South
    2012 Special selection, Art contest exhibit, Korean Art Association, Jeollabuk-do, KOREA,South
    2011 Special selection, A celadon contest exhibit, Gangjin, Gangjin-gun, KOREA,South
    2011 NORITAKE Gallery, Nagoya, JAPAN

차와 도자는 뗄레야 뗄 수 없는 관계를 맺고 있다. 찻그릇을 통해 마주한 존재들과 관계를 맺고 , '차'라는 매개체로 내적인 위로를 받기도 한다. 차는 단순한 음료가 아닌 문화이다. 문화는 삶의 질을 향상시키고 그 안에서 아름다움의 가치를 찾게된다. 순백의 백자는 차의 色,香,味를 온전하게 담아 내어준다. 백자에 깃든 아름다움과 편안함으로 한국의 미를 갖춘 찻그릇을 완성시키고자 하였다.

Tea and pottery are in inseparable relationship. Tea is not just a beverage, but the culture. Culture improves the quality of life, and we can find the beauty within. "찻자리" (the customary time for tea) is where people come together to enjoy tea and build relationships with both visible and invisible things because "차" (tea) is the medium to receive the inner healing. The white porcelains were chosen carefully to serve the purpose which was to reserve the beauty, the culture, and the flavor, scent, and color of the natural tea. The teawares were made with one philosophy in mind. It is to intertwine the beauty in Korean culture with the beauty of calmness in "백자" (white porcelain).