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Peter Johnson피터 존슨

    USA, 미국
    Assistant Professor of Art at Kent State University
    2003 Pennsylvania State University, ceramics, MFA
    1998 Wheaton College, Environmental Science, BS
    2018 Liling International Ceramics Expo, Liling International Exhibition Hall, Liling, Hunan Province, China
    2018 Jingdezhen International Ceramics Fair, Great China Museum, Jingdezhen, China
    2018 After the Pedestal, Cleveland Sculpture Center, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
    2018 Acts of Contrition, Sculpture Space NYC, Long Island, New York, USA
    2017 Zanesville Prize for contemporary Ceramics, Seiler's Gallery, Zanesville, Ohio, USA
    2017 Method Accumulation, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, Oregon, USA
    2017 Contemporary Ceramics Invitational, The Dairy Barn Arts Center, Athens, Ohio, USA
    2016 Poise, Ferrin Contemporary, North Adams, MA, USA
    2016 Man and Made, MSU Fine Art Gallery, Kansas City, MO, USA
    2016 Indulge, Duane Reed Gallery, St. Louis, MO, USA
    2017 Individual Artist Fellowship, Ohio Arts Council Fellowships, Ohio Arts Council, Columbus, OH, USA
    2017 Honorable Mention, Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale, GICB, Gyeonggi, Korea
    2017 First Place Award, Zanesville Prize for Contemporary Ceramics, Zanesville Art Museum, Zanesvill, OH, USA
    2015 Grant, Ohio Arts Council and Ford Foundation Career Development, Ohio Arts Council, Portland, OR, USA
    2015 Finalist, Zanesville Prize for Contemporary Ceramics, Zanesville Prize, Zanesville, OH, USA
    2013 grant, Rudy Autio Grant for Creative Initiatives, Archie Bray Foundation, Helena, MT, USA
    2012 Fellowship, Oregon Cultural Trust Individual Artist Fellowship, Oregon Cultural Trust, Portland, OR, USA
    2012 Fellowship, Matsutani Fellow, Archie Bray Foundation, Helena, MT, USA
    2012 Emerging Artist Award, NCECA Emerging Artist, National Council on Education and Ceramic Art, Seatle, WA, USA
    2011 Emerging Artist, Ceramics Monthly Emerging Artist Award, Ceramics Monthly Magazine, Columbus, OH, USA
    2015 Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA, USA
    2015 Eastern Oregon University, La Grande, OR, USA
    2013 Columbia Basin college, Pasco, WA, USA
    2013 Archie Bray Foundation, Helena, MT, USA
    2012 NCECA Permanent Collection, Erie, CO, USA
    2006 Australia National University, Canberra, NSW, Australia
    2005 Portland Community College, Portland, OR, USA
    2004 Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, AB, canada
    2014 Long term Residence, Odyssey Center for the Ceramics Art, Asheville, NC, USA
    2012 Matsutani Fellow, long term resident, Archie Bray Foundation, Helena, MT, USA
    2011 Short Term Resident, Archie Bray Foundation, Helena, MT, USA
    2010 Resident Artist, LH Project, Joseph, OR, USA
    2006 Visiting Artist in Residence, Australian National University, Canberra, NSW, Australia

이 전시의 목적은 디지털 렌더링 기법을 이용하여 아이디어를 형상화한 후, 손작업으로 수천 개의 작은 포슬린 유닛을 잇는 특이한 방법으로 제작한 조각 시리즈를 보여주기 위한 것이다. 이들 조각은 소성 과정에서 변형되거나, 또는 두껍게 칠한 유약의 무게에 억눌려 변형되어 아름다움과 붕괴에 관한 대화를 유도하고 있다.

The goal of the exhibition would be to showcase a series of sculptures that are uniquely constructed from digital renderings and fabricated by hand using thousands of small porcelain components. These sculptures are distorted in the firing process or under the weight of a thick fluid glaze to craft a conversation about beauty and collapse.