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Elise Kielland (AvArt)엘리세 쉘란 (AvArt)

    Norway, 노르웨이
    2014 - 2016 Management in Arts and Culture, Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway
    1991 - 1996 Master of ceramics, Oslo National College of Art and Design, Norway
    2021 ≪Blue Collar - White Collar≫ Galleri Kraft, Bergen, Norway
    2020 ≪Blue Collar - White Collar≫ Galleri Format, Oslo, Norway
    2019 Gyeoggi Internationale Ceramic Biennale, South Korea
    2018 The annual exhibition of Norwegian crafts, Østfold Art center, Fredrikstad, Norway
    2018 Moss Kunstforening, Finding my way with clay, Moss, Norway
    2018 Kunstnernes Hus, filmvisning Hendenes verk / Rhythm of the hands
    2018 Blue Collar - White Collar, Buskerud Art center, Drammen, Norway
    2017 Naas Kunsthandverk, Blue Collar - White Collar, Sweden
    2011 KODE, The Museum of Applied Arts, Western Norway
    2008 Steinkjer Kommune, Norway
    2007 The Cultural Center of Alanya, Turkey
    2004 - 2005 Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, France
    2016 A. I. R. Utsira fyr, Rogaland fylkeskommune,
    2008 A. I. R. Steinkjer, 6 uker, Jakob Weidemanns minnestipend

‘도그마 영화’가 지향하는 다큐멘터리 형식을 사용하여 단편영화 “손의 리듬”을 제작하였다. 이 영화에는 4명의 작가들이 출연하여 그들의 작업과정을 회고한다. 이들 작가들은 ‘AvArt’ 아트 그룹의 멤버들로 푸른 색과 흰색의 도자기 오브제를 보여주는 그룹전을 함께 기획한다.

The 4th Industrial Revolution is called “The rise of the robots.” Old professions disappear and central tasks are robotized. First, the blue collar workers were replaced and now the white collars. However, the skills of craft are given new meaning in society. The short film “Rhythm of the Hands” documents the processes and reflections from four artists. The goal of the project is to see the world through the lens of craft to shed light on being human in the age of technology.