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Arild Berg (AvArt)아릴드 베르그 (AvArt)

    Norway, 노르웨이
    Associate Professor/Doctor of Arts, Faculty of Technology Art and Design, OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway
    2014 Aalto University, Finland, Department of Art, Contemporary art, Doctor of Arts
    1997 Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Ceramic art, Master of Arts
    2021 Galler Kraft, Bergen, Blue Collar White collar Bergen Edition
    2020 Kimen galleri, Kulturhuset Stjørdal
    2020 Gallery FORMAT, Blue Collar White Collar Oslo Edition
    2020 Gallery Det Gule Huset, Asker, Blue Collar White Collar, Asker Edition
    2019 Korean International Ceramic Biennale, Blue Collar White Collar, Korea edition
    2018, Buskerud kunstsenter, Blue Collar White Collar project, edition Drammen
    2018 Craft 2018, Annual arts and crafts exhibition, Østfold kunstsenter, Blue Collar- White collar, edition Fredrikstad
    2017 Naas konsthandverk, Naas Castle, Gothenburg, Blue Collar White Collar, edition Naas
    2013 grant for craft theory, Research in craft, Norwegian association of Arts and Craft, Oslo, Norway
    2013 grant for craft theory, Research in craft, Norwegian association of Arts and Craft, Oslo, Norway
    2010 Grant for Group exhibition, Istanbul
    2007 Ceramic tiles, project grant, Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs
    2005 Oslo Town Hall, Oslo City cultural prize, grant for work, travel or study.Oslo City
    2003 Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs, Study Scholarship
    2002 Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs, 2-year working scholarship for young artists
    2001 The National Academy of Art and Design in Oslo, 2 study scholarships
    1999 Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs, Travel scholarship
    1997 Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs 1-year working scholarship for young artists,
    2017 Public Art: Frogn Municipality, Ullerud Hospital: Outdoor sculpture park, Drøbak
    2014 Public Art: Oslo and Akershus University College, Vitrine installation, Kjeller
    2011 Public Art: Sandnessjøen upper secondary school, “Long gone”, interior and fireplace.
    2010 Public Art: AHUS University Hospital, “Art culture, design and health”, ceramic art
    2008 Public Art: Røyken upper secondary school, “Some sort of observatory”, stairs,
    2007 Public Art: Fosen upper secondary school, “PNYX ? democratic stairs”, seating objects.
    2006 Public Art: Udland Church; “Sunrise”, permanent art installation in funeral room.
    2006 Public Art: Gjøklep secondary school,”Solitude”, seating objects, plexi glass images
    2005 Public Art: Concept Bygg, Moss,, “Call of love”, outdoor seating objects
    2003 Public Art: Larvik secondary school, “Age of discovery”, Art in architecture;
    2018 Interception, Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
    2016: Andreassen, Kristin;Haugen, Sigrid;Berg, Arild;Omlid, Mikael;Samseth, Jon, International workshop on 3D-printing with clay, collaboration with Estonian Academy of Art og Tartu Art College. International workshop on 3D-printing with clay. Dep. Of Product Design HIOA.
    2016 Leader for Workshop Learning: design and technology competence in 3D printing
    2002 Institutt for romkunst,
    1993 Kecskemet Contemporary Art Studios

4차 산업혁명은 “로봇의 출현”으로 불린다. 전통적 직업들은 사라지고 주요 업무에 '로봇 자동화 시스템'이 도입되고 있다. 초기에는 육체 노동자들이, 지금은 사무직 근로자들이 자동화 시스템으로 대체되고 있다. 그럼에도 불구하고 현대 사회에서 공예 장인들에 대한 인식은 새로워지고 있다. 단편 다큐멘터리 “손의 리듬”은 4명의 공예작가들을 조명한다. 이 작품의 의도는 공예를 통하여 세상을 봄으로써 오늘날과 같은 기술의 시대에서 어떻게 인간적으로 살아갈 것인가를 탐구하는 것이다.

The 4th Industrial Revolution is called “The rise of the robots.” Old professions disappear and central tasks are robotized. First, the blue collar workers were replaced and now the white collars. However, the skills of craft are given new meaning in society. The short film “Rhythm of the Hands” documents the processes and reflections from four artists. The goal of the project is to see the world through the lens of craft to shed light on being human in the age of technology.