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Choongsik Yoo유충식

    Rep. of Korea, 대한민국
    2018 Hongik University, Department of Ceramics, Master
    2014 Kangwon University, Department of art, Bachelor
    2019 Asia International Ceramic Exchange Exhibition, Clayarch Gimhae Museum, Gimhae, Korea
    2018 Hi, Youth Festival, tribowl, Incheon, Korea
    2018 Contemporary ceramic art in asia, Hongik University Art gallery, Seoul, Korea
    2018 ASYAAF, DDP, Seoul, Korea
    2018 50manwon Contemporary art Exhibition, Kyungmin Art gallery, Uijeongbu, Korea
    2017 Bonago exhibition, Chuncheon Culture and Arts Center, Chuncheon, Korea
    2015 Contemporary Ceramic Art in Asia, Chinese Art Academy Museum, Hangzhou, China
    2018 Winning, Seoul Contemporary Ceramics Competition, Seoul Newspaper, Seoul, Korea
    2018 Winning, Incheon celadon competition, Incheon Seo-gu Office, Incheon, Korea
    2018 Winning, Iksan Korea Craft Exhibition, Korea Craft Culture Association, Iksan, Korea
    2018 Mass c&c, Seoul, Korea

스스로에 대한 부끄러움, 분노, 나의 나약함으로 인해 생겨난 이 감정들은 오랜 시간 나를 옭아매 왔다. 떨쳐낼 수 없었던 이 감정들이 내 작업의 모티브이며 이는 짐승의 머리를 한 반인반수의 괴물로 형상화된다. 숨기고 싶고, 도망치고 싶은 자신의 민낯 앞에서 내가 할 수 있는 것은 그것을 직시하려는 헛된 노력과 나만 이런 것이 아니라는 한심한 변명뿐이며, 민낯을 가리기 위해 뒤집어쓴 짐승의 머리는 숨기고자 했던 괴물의 모습을 더욱 적나라하게 드러낼 뿐이다.

I have long been saddled with feelings of shame and anger towards myself arising from being wimpy and weak. These emotions, which I haven’t been able to shake off, form a motif in my artwork, visualized as a half-human monster with the head of a beast. Confronted with this unvarnished face which I wish to conceal and flee from, all I can do is put forth a futile effort to face it and the pathetic excuse that I am not the only one who is like this. And when the head of the beast is put on to mask this bare face, the monster I sought to hide is only revealed even more plainly in all its nakedness.