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Laszlo Fekete라즐로 페케트

    Hungary, 헝가리
    Budapest Lajos street 53-63 D. stairhouse I. 3., Hungary
    1969-1974 University of Applied Arts Budapest
    Since diploma work in 1974 countless group exhibitions everywhere in the world. Countless.
    2013 Budapest Budapest Gallery
    2011 Bonneau-Samames Gallery Marseille France
    2010 Peter Resch Gallery Austria
    2010 FESZEK Artist Club Gallery Budapest Hungary
    2009 Budapester Gallery of International Ceramic Studio of Kecskemet Hungary
    2008 Keramik Museum Hohr-Grenzhausen Germany
    2007 Keramik Goodwerk Gallery Belgium
    2001 Garth Clark Gallery New York
    1999 Garth Clark Gallery New York
    1997 Garth Clark Gallery New York
    1995 Kansas City Gallery USA
    1995 Habatat-Shaw Gallery Pontiac USA
    1994 Garth Clark Gallery New York
    1983 Dorottya Gallery Budapest
    1981 Gallery Alte Schmiede Vienna Austria
    1975 Budapest FESZEK Artist Club Gallery Hungary
    1974 Budapest Technical University Gallery Hungary
    2019 Special Prize Self Portrait Biennial Budapest
    2019 Prize of the Hungarian Artist Federation Fine Art Fall Salon Hodmezovasarhely Hungary
    2018 Special Prize Fine Art Fall Salon Hodmezovasarhely Hungary
    2017 Main Prize Pecs Hungarian Ceramic Quadriennial
    2016 Special Prize of the Hungarian Artist Association
    2012 Special Prize Kaposvar Grotesk Triennial Hungary
    2008 First Prize Pecs Hungarian Ceramic Biennial
    2004 Honorary Mention Mino Ceramic Triennial Japan
    2004 First Prize Pecs Hungarian Ceramic Biennial
    1995 Ferenczy Prize Hungarian State Prize
    1993 Gador Prize Hungarian Ceramic Artist of the Year 1993
    1993 Dubrovnik Prize Mini Ceramic Triennial Zagreb Croitia
    1992 Silver Medal Mino Ceramic Triennial Japan
    1992 Second Prize Pecs Hungarian Ceramic Biennial
    1992 Second Prize Auckland Fletcher Challange Award New Zealand
    1990 Second Prize Gualdo Tadino Ceramic Biennial Italy
    1990 Prize of the Hungarian Lektorat Pecs Hungarian Ceramic Biennial
    1984 Prize of the French Cultural Ministry Vallauris French International Ceramic Biennial France
    1982 Special Prize Pecs Hungarian Ceramic Biennial
    1982 Silver Medal Vallauris French International Ceramic Biennial France
    1981 Honorary Mention AIC Congress Exhibition Seattle USA
    Zagreb Art Museum Croitia
    Vienna Museum of Applied Arts Austria
    Vallauris Ceramic Museum France
    Taipej Art Museum Taiwan
    Siklos and Kecskemet Ceramic Studios Collection Hungary
    Shigaraki Art Colony Collection Japan
    Racine Modern Museum USA
    Pittsburgh Carnegie Institute USA
    Philadelphia Clay Studio Collection USA
    Pecs Zsolnay Art Museum Hungary
    New York Museum of Art and Design
    Mino Museum Japan
    Los Angeles County Museum
    Houston MFA USA
    Hamburg Museum of Applied Arts Germany
    Gualdo Tadino Ceramic Museum Italy
    Garth Clark and Mark del Vecchio Private Collection Santa Fe USA
    Gardiner Ceramic Museum Toronto Canada
    Faenza Museum Italy
    Dallas MOMA USA
    Charlotte Mint Museum USA
    Budapest Museum of Applied Arts Hungary
    Also in some smaller museum in USA
    2004 Shigaraki Ceramic Art Colony, Japan
    2000 Clay Studio Philadelphia, USA
    1980 Austria, St Margarethen
    1974~ Many-many times in Hungary, in Siklos and Kecskemet Ceramic Art Colonies

나는 매우 다양한 종류의 작품들을 만든다. 평화로운 것, “아름다운” 것, 조용한 것, 그리고 정말로 “조용하지 않고, 흉측한” 것들 등을 만든다. 첫 번째 종류의 작품은 자연 안에서 탄생한 것이고 두 번째 작품은 역사, 오염된 물과 토양, 인간의 세계, 인간의 행동 인에서 탄생한 것이다.

I make very different type of works: Peaceful, 'beautiful', quiet ones and really unquiet or 'ugly' ones as well. The first type of works are inspired by the Nature and Love, the second one much more by the everyday human world and by the human activity: for instance by the WWII (World War II.) and by the pollution and so on. I think nowdays our biggest common enemy is the pollution, every kind of it! But I make very different other type of works as well. For GICB I shall set-load pictures from the first two categories.