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Sangho Kim김상호

    Rep. of Korea, 대한민국
    부산교육대학교 시간강사
    2014 Dankook University, Department of Formative Arts, PD.A
    1995 Busan National University, CERAMICS, M.F.A
    1993 Busan National University, CERAMICS, B.F.A
    2018 Shanghai-Busan Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai East Bund Art Space of China, Shanghai, China
    2018 Korea-Myanmar Art Exchange Exhibition, Art district P, Busan, Korea
    2018 Korea, China, and Japan International Ceramics Exhibition, Jingdezhen University Ceramic Museum, Jingdezhen, China
    2018 Korea International Formative Arts Association New York exhibition, Sia gallery, New York, U.S. A
    2018 Brunei Artfest, Brunei, Brunei
    2017 19th Solo Exhibition, Space Um, Busan, Korea
    2016 18th Solo Exhibition, Gallery Hee, Busan, Korea
    2015 17th Solo Exhibition, Lee Yeun Joo Gallery , Busan, Korea
    2015 16th Solo Exhibition Space-creation', Art district P, Busan, Korea
    2015 15th Solo Exhibition ' Space plus subtraction', Boomi Art Hall, Busan, Korea
    2018 Winning, Taegu Daily Newspaper Art contest, Taegu Daily Newspaper, Taegu, Korea
    2018 Winning, Seoul Newspaper contest of contemporary ceramics, Soul Newspaper, Seoul, Korea
    2018 Winning, Korean crafts Contest, Korean crafts Counsil, Seoul, Korea
    2018 Winning, Busan Newspaper Art contest, Busan Newspaper, Busan, Korea
    2018 Winning(91,92,93), Busan Art contest, Busan Art Association, Busan, Korea
    2018 Special selection, Icheon City Ceramic Contest, Icheon City, Icheon, Korea
    2015 BB Hotel, Busan, Korea
    2014 Yongcheon Celadon Museum (China), Yongcheon, China
    2014 Royal Academy of Ireland( Ireland), Dublin, Ireland
    2014 Echo Construction Inc., Busan, Korea
    2011 National Institute of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea
    2010 Seobong Recycling Company, Busan, Korea
    2009 National Institute of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea
    1997 Busan Museum of Art, Busan, Korea
    2018 Korea-China Celadon Exchange / Congress, Yongcheon Celadon Museum, Yongcheon, China

텅 빈 공간에 특정한 사물이 놓여 짐으로 그 공간은 더 이상 비어있지 않은 시각적 감성적으로 작용하는 유의미한 공간으로 인식되며, 이것은 사물과 그 주변을 둘러싼 공간이 서로가 서로를 절개하고 포용함으로 가능해진다. 작품 속에 표현된 의미가 전시 공간에서 작품들의 포치와도 무관하지 않으며 보다 확장 된 개념으로 설치되었다. 작품의 외형에서 오는 함축된 이미지와 최소화 된 표현들로 궁극에는 정적인 공간연출이고 고요한 공간속 대상과의 조응(照應)으로 작은 울림의 표현들이다.

An empty space is no longer empty when a specific object is placed in it. The space is now recognized as meaningful space visually and emotionally, which is made possible when the object and its surrounding space share and embrace each other. The meaning expressed by the work is not unrelated with the arrangement of works in the exhibition space. The work is installed with an expanded concept. The connotative images and minimal expressions of the exterior of the work are ultimately about static display in the space. They are expressions of small resonances corresponding to the object in quiet space.