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Marianne Abergel마리안느 에버겔

    France, 프랑스
    Sculptress, Ceramist
    1992 Ecole d'architecture Paris Belleville, master degree in architecture
    2019 Solo exhibition 'Interieur landscapes' Montigny, France
    2019 Saint Sulpice ceramique, Paris, France
    2018 Les journees de la ceramique, Paris, France
    2018 Eight ceramists and clay, J.Fromanger Gallery, France
    2017 Science's mater, Nef Gallery, Montpellier, France
    2017 Sauvage, Collection Gallery, Paris, France
    2017 Ceramic 14, Paris, France
    2016 Chimera, Gaia Gallery, Nantes, France
    2016 Puls'Arts, Le Mans, France
    2014 Terra Terre, Chapelle Boondael, Bruxelles, Belgique
    2014 Solo exhibition 'Chromo-zone' Empreintes Gallery, France
    Private Collections, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Liban
    2016 Ceramics Residency in Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Shigaraki, Japan
    2016 >2019 Ceramic Workshops, EPSAA , College of Graphic Art, Paris

도예작가로서의 나의 작업은 두 개의 축을 중심으로 발전한다. 첫째는 공간, 비례, 비움에 대한 추상적인 연구, 즉 형태를 통하여 감정을 어떻게 표출하는 가에 대한 연구이다. 둘째는 동물, 인간 또는 다른 것들간의 관계를 탐구하는 조각품들을 통하여 우리 삶의 정수에 가까운 것을 보여주려는 시도이다.

My work as a ceramic artist develops along two axes : firstly an abstract research on space, proportions, emptiness - how form can create emotions. Secondly, through sculptures that question the relationships between animals, humans, or otherwise, I try to show the closeness of our life essences.