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Jaenyoung Jang장재녕

    Rep. of Korea, 대한민국
    건국대학교 겸임교수
    Craft Factory 운영
    2012 Loughborough University, Studio Ceramics, MFA in Ceramics
    2008 Kookmin University, Graduate School, Ceramics, MFA in Ceramics
    2006 Kookmin University, Craft, BFA in Ceramics
    2018 Solo Exhibition “White Plus” , Gallery Nishikawa, Kyoto, Japan
    2018 Highhand Korea, Seoul, Korea
    2018 “BANQUET : OPULENCE IN GRACE AND PALATE”, Blue House Special Exhibition Hall, Seoul, Korea
    2017 The Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, U.S
    2017 Eyes of Craft Artist I ? Line, Gallery Meme, Seoul, Korea
    2017 ‘pots with happiness’ , Space Duru, Seoul, Korea
    2016 Craft Trend Fair Main Exhibition - “Heritage to Originality”, COEX, Seoul, Korea
    2016 “One Summer Day’s Repose : Taste, Palate and Healing, National Folk Museum of Korea, Seoul, Korea
    2015 “Within Hands”, Gallery nou, Seoul, Korea
    2014 “Homonize”, Gallery LE DECO5, Tokyo, Japan
    2007 Gyeonggi-Do Ceramic Museum, Gwang-Ju, Korea

간결한 형태는 언제나 본인 작업의 중요한 요소이다. 미묘하게 태토의 구성성분을 달리한 작품들은 은은한 색조의 변화를 일으키며 섬세한 감각을 전달한다. 정제된 형태에서 출발하여 유려한 외곽선과 깨끗한 표면으로 마무리한다. 이러한 미니멀한 느낌의 오브제들은 조금씩 다른 비례로 크기에 변화를 주어 인간군상을 표현한다. 홀로 있는 모습이 조금은 위태롭게 보이는 ‘그녀’가 있고, 삐뚤어진듯 하지만 물결 같은 곡선의 연장으로 안정감 있게 서 있는 ‘그’도 있고. 여럿이 한 무리를 이룸으로써 힘을 더한 ‘우리’도 있다. 이에 희망이란 ‘빛’을 더하면 도자기들은 각자 조금씩 다른 모습으로 서있는 우리네 모습을 비추어 낼 것이다.

Simple shape has always been an essential element of my work. Each of my vessels is made of clay with slightly different composition of minerals, and this creates changes in subdued colors and delivers delicate feeling. My work starts with understated shape and is completed with elegantly flowing silhouettes and clean surfaces. These minimalist objects of slightly different sizes are grouped together to express a group of people. Here, we can find ‘she’ standing alone, who looks somewhat in danger, ‘he’ standing steady, made by extending a seemingly askew but wavy line, and ‘we,’ who get more power as a group. If ‘light’ symbolizing hope is added to this work, the ceramic vessels will illuminate us with everyone standing and looking slightly different.