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Michael Flynn마이클 플린

    Ireland, 아일랜드
    1991 Cardiff College of Art, Fine Art, M A
    1978 Cardiff Collegwe of Art, Ceramics, B A (Hons)
    1971 Worcester College of Education, Teaching, Diploma
    1965 Birmingham College of Art, Foundation Painting, Diploma
    2017 (Solo) Le Spectacle de la Vie, Galerie de l'Ancienne Post, Toucy, France
    2015 A Fine Figure with Lucy Meagher, Ann Marie robertson, Solomon Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
    2014 Michael Flynn, Monika Patuszi?ska, Galerie Puls, Brussels, Belgium
    2013 (Solo) Transition and Resonance, Welsh Arts Council Touring, touring Wales, UK
    2012 Spor Porcelain & Magic, with monika Patuszynska, Gallery Branr Bjerg, Nakke, Denmark
    2012 (Solo) Forest as Theatre, WesterwaldMuseum, Hohr -Grenzhausen, Germany
    2011 (Solo), Mindy Slomon Gallery at Scope, Basel, Switzerland
    2011 (Solo) Faces in the Forest, National Polish Museum, Wrocław, Poland
    2010 (Solo0 Bez Powrotu/No Return, Galeria Sla i Ceramiki, Wrocław, Poland
    2009 (Solo) Forest, Contemporary Applied Arts, London, UK
    1996 Cirty of Nyon Prize for porcelain, Porcelain Biennale, Museum of history and of porcelain, Nyon, switzerland
    2018 Yingge Ceramics Mudeum, New Taipei City, Taiwan
    2017 Ariana Museum, Geneva, Switzerland
    2014 National Museum of Wales, Cardiff, UK
    2013 Museum of Art & Design (MAD), New York, USA
    2013 Grassi Museum, Leipzig, Germany
    2012 Westerwald museum, Hohr-Grenzhausen, Germany
    2011 National Polish Museum, Wrocław, Poland
    2011 ASU Museum, Tempe Arizona, USA
    2006 Gardiner Museum, Toronto, Canada
    2002 Victoria & Albert Museum, London, Uk
    2014 National Museum of Wales

나의 작품은 내가 도자기, 특히 포슬린의 순수한 시각적 형태의 조형 탐구에 수반하는 나의 생각 과정을 보여준다. 나는 인간과 자연과의 관계에 매력을 느끼며 나의 작품의 원천이며 나에게 많은 영감을 주는 종교, 신화, 민속 등에 나타난 인간의 신앙심을 이해하는 데 많은 시간을 보낸다.

My work manifests my thinking process, seeking expression in purely visual form, predominantly in ceramic or porcelain. I am fascinated by humanity’s relation to nature, spending much time trying to understand human belief systems as represented in religions, mythologies, folklore which are sources and inspiration for my work.