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Carolin Wachter카롤린 바흐터

    Germany, 독일
    Head of ceramic studio (part time) Kunsthochschule-Weissensee Berlin, Germany
    2010 KHB Weissensee Berlin, art/ sculpture, diploma
    2004 IKKG Koblenz, ceramic art, diploma
    2000 pottery apprentice at Theo Dietz, Konigswinter
    2018 Shaping the future, Brohan Museum, Berlin, Germany
    2018 Porzellanbiennale, Albrechtsburg Meissen, Meissen, Germany
    2018 No Man Is An Island, Taoxichuan Art Center, Jingdezhen, China
    2016 Draußen und Drinnen, Landesmuseum Oldenburg, Germany
    2014 Mungyeong Traditional Chasabal Festival, Mungyeong Museum, Mungyeong, South Korea
    2010 European Ceramic Context, Bornholm Art Museum, Bornholm, Denmark
    2006 first prize, Richard-Bampi-Preis, Richard Bampi, Schloss Reinbeck, Germany
    2005 first prize, Internatinal Ceramic Biennale, Kapfenbergbiennale, Kapfenberg, Austria
    2018 Taoxichuan Art Museum, Jingdezhen, China
    2006 Gmunden Museum, Gmunden, Austria
    2016 Artist in residence, International Ceramic Research Center, Guldagergaard, Denmark
    2014 Artist in Residence, Kunstlergut Proesitz, Proesitz, Germany
    2006 4weeks ceramic symposium, association for the promotion of european ceramic artists, Gmunden, Austria

이들 흰색 포슬린 원통형은 순수하고, 미니멀하며 극기적으로 보이는가? 아니면 단지 그 자리에 놓인 하나의 형태일 뿐인가? 이 작품은 선과 면, 절제와 동작, 방향성과 광대함 간의 관계에 대하여 말하고 있다. 몸짓 언어가 형태 언어로 변한 것이다. 내면으로부터 성장한 하나의 형태가 착안점을 찾고 있다.

The white porcelain cylinder. Puristical, minimalistical, stoical? Or just a form, just here? The relation of line and surface, austerity and movement, direction and vastness is experienced. Body language is changed into form language. A form, grown up from inside, looking for a point of view.