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Maureen Mills모린 밀스

    USA, 미국
    Ceramics Department Head, New Hampshire Institute of Art
    1987 University of Nebraska- Lincoln, Ceramics and Drawing, MFA
    1983 Knox College, Chemistry, BA
    2018 Everything Happens So Much, Kelly Stelling Gallery, Manchester, NH, USA
    2018 Cross Currents: Movements in Contemporary Ceramics, Highfield Hall and Gardens, Falmouth, MA, USA
    2018 Assumptions: Maureen Mills Ceramics, Arch Contemporary Gallery, Tiverton, RI, USA
    2017 ISCAEE Exhibition, University of the Creative Arts, Farnham, England
    2016 Maureen Mills: Ceramics, Sharon Arts Gallery, Peterborough, NH, USA
    2015 ISCAEE Exhibition, Wuxi Institute of Art and Technology, Yixing, China
    2014 Alumni Achievement Award, Alumni Achievement Award, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE, USA
    2012 Artist Fellowship, Artist Fellowship, NH Arts Council, Concord, NH, USA
    2005 Artist Advancement Grant, Artist Advancement Grant, NH Charitable Foundation, Portsmouth, NH, USA

층을 이룬 표면이 장작가마 소성을 거치면서 몸체와 문양이 어우러져 관객에게 각각의 이야기를 전하면서 동일한 경험을 하도록 유도한다. 이 작품은 용기 형태인데 이는 우리 각자가 가지고 있으며 다른 사람들과 공개적으로, 사적으로, 심지어는 비밀리에 나눌 수 있는 이야기에 대한 은유이다.

Ceramic forms engage the viewer using layered surfaces in the wood firing process, incorporating text and pattern to create a synonymous experience through individual story telling. The vessel form is utilized as a metaphor for the stories each of us holds and shares, both public and private, or even in secret.