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Aneta Regel아네타 레겔

    Poland, 폴란드
    Aneta Regel Ceramics
    2006 Royal College of Art, Ceramics, MA
    2003 University of Westminster, Ceramics, BA Hons(1s
    2000 Fine Art Academy Gdansk, Sculpture, MA
    2018 Second Nature-solo, Jason Jacques, NY, US
    2016 Triennale of Ceramics and Glass, World Crafts Council,, Mons,, Belgium
    2016 Ceramics Biennale, Vallourice Ceramics Museum, Vallourice, France
    2015 Gneiss-solo, Carpenters Workshop, Paris, France
    2015 British Ceramics Biennale, Awards exhibition, Spode Factory, Stoke On Trent, UK
    2018 Honorable Mention, World ceramics Biennale, Icheon Ceramics Museum, Icheon, Korea
    2005 2nd price, innowation in concrete, Concrete Center, London, UK
    2018 York Art Gallery COCA, York, UK
    2018 Carnegie Museum Of Art, Pittsburgh, US
    2014 Handelsbankens Konstforening, Stockholm, Sweden
    2003 World Ceramics Museum, Icheon, Korea
    2003 Westerwald Museum, Westerwald, Germany
    2018 Clay Gulgong demonstrator lecturer, Mansfield Ceramics, Gulgong, Australi
    2016 University of Creative Arts, Farnham, UK

도자와 돌을 사용한 조형물로, 울퉁불퉁한 형상과 오톨도톨한 표면을 가진 묘한 모습이다. 작가는 자연 속에서 발견되는 인간의 형상 또는 물체를 모방한 추상조각 작업을 한다. 폴란드 공산정권 말기의 복잡한 근현대사를 겪은 작가는 비정상적인 형태의 변형, 갈등, 사람과 사회가 변화해 가는 양상에 관심이 있다. 유약을 여러 겹으로 발라 반복해서 건조하고 재번조하는 과정을 거쳤으며 점토 뿐 아니라 화강암 등 바위조각도 사용하여 표면의 변화와 복잡한 질감을 만들어낸다.

These odd-looking sculptures with extremely irregular shapes and rugged surfaces are made of ceramics and stone. Aneta Regel creates abstract sculptures imitating humans or objects found in nature. Belonging to the last generation who can vividly remember the post-communist era in Poland, the artist is interested in transformation from one state to another, conflicts, and the process of change in people and society. She creates change in surfaces and intricate textures by repeatedly drying and re-firing her works made of clay and stone and coating them with multiple layers of glazes.