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KaJin Lee이가진

    Rep. of Korea, 대한민국
    2012 Seoul National University College of Fine Arts, Ceramics, M.F.A
    2008 Seoul National University College of Fine Arts, Ceramics, M.F.A
    2018 Vitality, Saint-Etienne International Design Biennale, Saint-Etienne, France
    2018 SOFA, Navy Pier, Chicago, U.S.A
    2017 URNEN, European Keramic Work Centre, Oisterwijk, Netherlands
    2017 The Little Prince: Three Stars, Clayarch Kimhae Museum, Kimhae, Korea
    2017 REVELATIONS, Grand Palais, Paris, France
    2016 THE COLORS IN KOREAN LIFE AND CULTURE, National Folk Museum of Korea, Seoul, Korea
    2016 KOREA, NOW!, Bavarian National Museum, Munich, Germany
    2015 Korea's Fantasma, Milano Triennale Musium, Milan, Italy
    2015 KOREA, NOW!, Les Arts Decoratifs, Paris, France
    2011 Selected, Concorso Internazionale Premio Faenza, MIC Faenza, Faenza, Italy
    2009 Selected, World Ceramic Biennale International Competition, Korea Ceramic Foundation, Icheon, Korea
    2017 Paradise City, Incheon, Korea
    2013 Durham University Oriental Museum, Durham, UK
    2013 AMORE PACIFIC MUSEUM OF ART, Yongin, Korea

청자를 현대적으로 재해석한 작품이다. 유약의 변화에서 오는 물성의 아름다움을 포착하여 탁월하게 표현해냈다. 예로부터 청자의 푸른빛은 비색翡色이라 불리며 그 아름다움이 널리 칭송되어 왔다. 도자기 고유의 신비한 매력을 가장 두드러지게 드러내는 표현요소는 단연 유약이라고 생각한 작가는 직접 제조한 청자 유약을 두껍게 올려서 깊이가 느껴지는 맑은 청색을 구현해내었다. 유약의 물질감이 생생하게 느껴질 뿐 아니라 발림의 두께가 푸른빛을 중첩시켜 특유의 깊고 푸른 색조를 보여준다.

By reinterpreting Goryeo celadon in a way that is appropriate for modern times, Lee captured the beauty of properties brought by changes in glaze during the process of firing and expressed the beauty very effectively. Jade-colored, called bisaek (翡色), Goryeo celadon has been admired for its beauty for centuries. Firmly believing that nothing other than glaze better reveals the mysterious beauty inherent to ceramics most effectively, Lee created a deep, clear green by applying thick celadon glaze of her own formulation. Lee’s work shows the unique deep green created by thick layers of green glaze, clearly showing how sensitive her glaze can be.