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Ryan Labar라이언 라바

    USA, 미국
    Artist and Studio Director
    2010 University of Nebraska Lincoln, Ceramics, MFA
    2005 NYSCC@Alfred, Post Bac. studies
    1998 Gonzaga University, Biology, BS
    2018 Shenzhen Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition, Shenzhen Fine Art Institute, Shenzhen, China
    2017 Landscaping, Pekin Fine Art, Hong Kong
    2017 Jingpiao, Jingdezhen Ceramic Museum, Jingdezhen, China
    2017 Collapse, Shift, Become, View Gallery, Jingdezhen, China
    2016 Mode, Liling Ceramics Valley Museum, Liling, China
    2015 Grand Prize, Virginia A. Groot Ceramic Competition, Virginia A. Groot Foundation, Chicago, USA
    2014 Career Opportunity Gran, Oregon Arts Commission, State of Oregon, USA
    2018 Bellagio Hotel, Shanghai, China
    2017 Shenzhen Fine Art Institute, Shenzhen, China
    2016 Liling Ceramic Valley Museum, Liling, China
    2015 PCC Cascade, Portland, Oregon
    2017 KwangJuYo, Icheon, Korea
    2016 Jingdezhen International Studio, Jingdezhen, China

전 세계에서 온 우수한 작품들과 한 자리에서 나의 조각작품 한 점을 보여주고 싶다. 이 작품은 다른 작품들과 조화를 이루면서 현대 도예의 목소리를 낼 것이다.

I would like to show a sculptural piece of mine in conjunction with superb works around the world. The work, collaboratively, will act in concert to orchestrate a contemporary voice of ceramics.