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Yasuo Mukai무카이 야스오

    Japan, 일본
    Utsunomiya University Faculty of Education part-taime Lecturer
    Member of Japan Arts Craft Association
    Associate professor Faculty Arts ,Bunsei Art University
    1989 Tokyo National University of FineArts and Music, Arts Crafts, B.A
    1989 Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Ceramic, M.A
    2017 Kosmos, Garally Midori, Tochigi, Japan
    2016 Sensation, Garally Fujinoya, Tochigi, Japan
    2015 Yasuo.M, Garally Midori, Tochigi, Japan
    2014 Utsuwa, Garally Midori, Tochigi, Japan
    2013 Ceramic Exhibition, To-bu Departoment, Tochigi, Japan
    2013 Sellection, East Traditional Craft Exhibition, East craft association, Tokyo, Japan
    2012 Sellection, Japan Traditional Craft Exhibition, Japan Craft Association, Tokyo, Japan
    2012 Japan Craft Award, Japan Traditional Craft Ceramic art party Exhibition, Japan Craft association, Tokyo, Japan
    2000 Sellection, Tochigi Prefecture Museum of Art thousand years door Exhibition, Tochigi Prefecture, Tochigi, Japan
    2000 Ecouragement Award, Tochigi Prefecture ArtFestival, Tochigi Prefecture, Tochigi, Japan
    1997 Sellection, Tyouza-Award Ceramic Exhibition, Tokoname City, Aichi, Japan
    1997 Sellection, Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition, Japan Craft Association, Tokyo, Japan
    1997 Sellection, Asahi Ceramic Exhibition, Asahi newspaper .co, Aichi, Japan
    1997 Corected by University Museum Award, M.A Graduate Work, Tokyo National University Fine Arts and MUsic, Tokyo, Japan
    2016 Chaina Changchun World Ceramic Museum, ChangChun, Chaina
    1991 Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Muisic Museum, Tokyo, Japan
    2016 Changchun Wold Ceramic Symposium andWorkshop, Changchun world ceramic Association, Changchun, Chaina
    2015 Ityon international ceramic symposium, Ityon, Ityon, Korea
    1993 Japanese Craft, Puget Sound University, Seatle Washington, USA

이 작품을 통해 다 함께 평화를 위한 기도에 동참하면서 이 세계는 연결되어 있음을 자각하라

Throughout the work, Be aware of the world’s connection. Sharing prayers for peace together.