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Kate Roberts케이트 로버츠

    USA, 미국
    Assistant Professor of Art, University of Memphis
    2015 Alfred University, Ceramics, MFA
    2010 Alfred University, Art, BFA
    2019 Walking on Ghosts, 4 Culture Gallery, Seattle, WA
    2019 Matter at Hand, Squirrel Haus Arts, Minneapolis, MN
    2019 Laced, Unsmoke Systems, Braddock, PA
    2019 Figure Ground, Olin Fine Arts Gallery, Washington and Jefferson College, Washington, PA
    2018 Structure of Atmosphere, 7800 Susquehanna, Pittsburgh, USA
    2018 Revive Remix Respond, The Frick Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, USA
    2018 Above the Surface, Lillstreet Art Gallery, Chicago, USA
    2017 Zanesville Prize for Contemporary Ceramics, Seiler's Studio and Gallery, Zanesville, USA
    2017 Emerging Artist Exhibition National Council on the Education for the Ceramic Arts, Gallery EXPO and Projects Spaces, Portland, USA
    2017 Confluence and Biforcation, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, USA
    2017 Bowing, Gage Gallery, Minneapolis, USA
    2017 15th Parcours Ceramique Carougeois, Halles de la Fonderie, Geneva, Switzerland
    2016 Grand Porte, Deluxe Gallery - Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, USA
    2016 Archie Bray NCECA Show, Belger Crane Yard Gallery, Kansas City, USA
    2017 Honorable Mention, 2017 Zanesville Prize for Contemporary Ceramics, Zanesville Prize, Zanesville, USA
    2017 Grant, 2017 Grants for Artists Projects, Artist Trust, Seattle, USA
    2017 Fondation Bruckner Prize, 15th Parcours Ceramique Carougeois, Fondation Bruckner, Carougeois, Switzerland
    2017 2017 NCECA Emerging Artist, NCECA Emerging Artist, National Council on the Education for the Ceramic Arts, Portland, USA
    2015 Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts, Helena, USA
    2015 Alfred Ceramic Art Museum - MFA Collection, Alfred, USA
    2011 LaMeridiana - International School of Ceramics in Tuscany, Certaldo, Italy
    2019 Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts , Organizer, Maine, USA
    2015 Summer Resident, Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts, Helena, USA
    2012 Resident Artist, Project Art sponsored by Ferrin Contemporary, Cummington, USA
    2011 Resident Artist, Cite International des Arts Fellowship, Paris, France
    2011 Resident Artist, Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Snowmass, USA

소성하지 않은 점토 설치작품 제작을 통하여 일시적인 물질성과 구조물의 의미, 그리고 작품이 설치된 공간에 관하여 탐구한다. 이 과정은 인간과 자연 세계와의 관계와 유사하다. 자연을 생명을 탄생시키고, 생명을 가져간다. 인간은 반항하지만 결국 최종 결정권은 자연이 갖는다. 그리고 의심의 여지 없이 이 사이클은 다시 시작된다.

Through the creation of unfired clay installations, my practice examines the temporary physicality and meaning of structures and the spaces they exist within. This process parallels our relationship with the natural world. Nature bares life, nature takes life away, humanity resists, but nature in the end has the final say. And without question, the cycle begins again.