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Trude Westby Nordmark트루데 웨스트비 누르드마르크

    Noway, 노르웨이
    Artist and teacher
    1996 Oslo National Academy of Arts, Master, MA
    2019 Solo exhibition-Trøndelag Center for Contemporary Art, TSSK, Trondheim, Norway.
    2019 Architectural Commission Work-Nursing home, Stord municipality, Norway.
    2018 Solo exhibition-Buskerud Artist Center, Drammen, Norway.
    2018 Collect, Saatchi Gallery, London, Norway
    2017 The annual exhibition of Norwegian Craft, National Museum of Decorative Art, Trondheim, Norway.
    2017 Architectural Commission Work-Nursing home, Notodden municipality, Norway.
    2014 Architectural Commission Work-Aust Agder Cultural History Center, Arendal, Norway
    2003 Knokke Cultural Center, Belgia.
    2002 Solo exhibition-National Museum of Decorative arts, Trondheim, Norway.
    2001 Solo exhibition-RAM Gallery, Oslo, Norway.
    2013 Architectural Commission Work-The best public meeting place in Norway, Ladeparken, Trondheim, Norway.
    2007 Vincent Bazin, private collecter, Grenoble, France.
    2002 The local authority in Trondheim, Trondheim, Norway.
    2002 Shiwan Ceramic Museum, Guangdong, China.
    2001/2019 National Museum of Decorative arts, Oslo, Norway.
    2001/2002 National Museum of Decorative arts, Trondheim, Norway.
    1999 Museum of Applied Art, Shigaraki, Japan.
    2003 Guest artist, Oslo International Ceramic Symposium, Oslo, Norway.
    2002 Guest artist, Foshan Ceramic Symposium, Foshan, China.
    1999 Guest artis, The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Shigaraki, Japan.
    1996 Visitor, NCECA, Rochester, New York, USA.
    1992 Visitor, International Academy of Ceramic art, The Mirimarisnan University, Turkey.

나는 독특한 입체적 비구상 오브제들을 리드미컬하게 반복 결합하여 하나의 작품으로 탄생시켰다. 나는 동물의 세계에서 건축물에 이르기까지 자연으로부터 또한 인간이 만든 시스템과 건축물로부터 작품에 대한 영감을 받는다. 상이한 시스템들을 다양한 독특한 요소로 구성한 후 전체적으로 혼란해 보이지 않도록 신중히 결합하였다.

My work is based on rhythmic repetitions and combinations of unique, three-dimensional nonfigurative objects. I find my inspiration in nature’s many systems and structures, from the animal kingdom to architecture. Different systems are composed of a variety of unique components, carefully arranged to avoid total chaos.