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Ipek Kotan이펙 코탄

    Turkey, 터키
    Ceramic artist
    2010 Staffordshire University, Ceramics, Master's
    2008 Rhode Island School of Design, Foundation Studies in Art and Design, Foundation
    2000 Emerson College, Media Arts, Bachelor's
    2018 PAD London, Adrian Sassoon, London, England
    2018 Masterpiece London, Adrian Sassoon, London, England
    2018 Ceramics Festival Mino, Sogo Museum of Art, Yokohama, Japan
    2017 Revelations, swissCeramics, Paris, France
    2017 PAD London, Adrian Sassoon, London, England
    2017 International Ceramics Competition, Mino Ceramics Museum, Mino, Japan
    2016 Modern Classics, Westerwald Museum, Ho?hr-Grenzhausen, Germany
    2016 European Ceramics and Glass Triennial, European Craft Council, Mons, Belgium
    2016 Contemporary Istanbul, ECNP Galeri, Istanbul, Turkey
    2015 Craft and Makers, Galerie Johanssen, Berlin, Germany
    2017 Finalist, Mino International Ceramic Competition, International Ceramics Festival Mino, Mino, Japan
    2016 Finalist, Modern Classics Competition, Westerwald Ceramics Museum, Ho?hr-Grenzhausen, Germany
    2013 Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
    2012 Staatliche Kunstammlungen Dresden, Dresden, Germany
    2012 Museen der Stadt Landshut, Landshut, Germany
    2011 Presidential Art Collection, Ankara, Turkey
    2016 Ceramic residency, EKWC - European Ceramic Workcentre, Oisterwijk, The Netherlands
    2015 Ceramic residency, EKWC - European Ceramic Workcentre, Oisterwijk, The Netherlands
    2014 Ceramic residency, Fondation Bruckner, Geneva, Switzerland
    2013 Ceramic residency, EKWC - European Ceramic Workcentre, 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

자연적인 재료를 사용하여 조형물을 창작하고자 하는 본능적인 욕구와 조각과 같은 형태의 용기에 대한 사랑이 나의 작품의 원천이다. 그릇은 인류가 만든 최초의 용기로 전 세계 고고학적 유적지에서 가장 흔히 발견되는 유물 중 하나이다. 나에게 그릇은 영원함, 인내, 인류 경험의 보편성 구현을 의미한다. 나는 그릇의 형태를 통하여 은유적으로 말하고자 하는 이야기에 관심을 둔다. 나는 그릇을 현대적이며 미니멀한 표현을 탐구하기 위한 캔버스와 틀로 사용한다. 그릇의 외부를 하나의 틀처럼 단순하게 만들고 표면은 형태와 잘 어우러지는 복잡한 질감과 다양한 색상을 갖게 하여 전체적으로 차분하면서 힘찬 에너지를 발산할 수 있게 하였다.

My work stems from a visceral need to create sculptural objects out of natural materials and a love of the sculptural vessel form. The vessel being one of the oldest objects ever made and one of the most commonly found in archeological sites the world over, to me, it’s an embodiment of the timelessness, endurance, and universality of the human experience. I’m interested in what this form represents metaphysically and use it as a canvas and a frame in which I explore modern and minimalist expression. I keep the exteriors of my forms simple like a frame in which I bring out complex textures and colors so that together with the form they can radiate a calm and powerful energy.