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Hyangjong Oh오향종

    Rep. of Korea, 대한민국
    1989 Department of Dankook University, Pottery Arts, MFA
    1984 Department of Gwangju Universty, Indusstrial Design, BFA
    2018 Salt, The Soul of Color Flawor and Style, Ochondaek, National Folk Museum of Korea, Seoul, South Korea
    2017 Todays Onggi Exhibition, National Intangible Culture Property Education Center, Seoul, South Korea
    2017 Sasama International Ceramic Art Festival 2017 Inviteed Artists Exhibition, Sasama Village Gallery, Shimada, Japan
    2017 Consitancy and Change in Korean Tradition Craft 2017, La Triennale Design Museum , Korean Culture Center, Milano, London, Italy UK
    2010 Special Exhibition Onggi @ Korea, Gwangju Joseon Royal Kiln Museum, Gwangju, South Korea
    2009 Take Tth Old Ceramic a New, Gwangju Joseon Royal Kiln Museum, Gwangju, South Korea
    2009 hyangjong Oh and Friends, Craft Gallery Nanum, Seoul, South Korea
    2008 hyangjong Oh Solo Onggi Exhibition, Craft Gallery Nanum, Seoul, South Korea
    2004 Tthe Naked Truth International Invitational Wood File Exhibition, Ceo Collige Department, Iowa, U S A
    2003 Special Exhibition Traditional Korean Ceramics, Gwangju Joseon Royal Kiln Museum, Gwangju, South Korea
    2018 Invited Artist hyangjong Oh Demonstration, Argilla Italia , International Ceramic Festival, Peanza, Italy
    2017 Place and practices, 2017 British Ceramics Biennial, stoke-on -trant, U k
    2017 Invited Artists Demonstration, Sasama International ceramic Art Festival 2017, Shimada, Japan
    2017 Invitational cermics workshop, Making Narratives, Gyeoggi International ceramic Biennale 2017, Icheon, South Korea
    2011 Demonstrators Gust Artists International ceramics festival 2011, Aberystwyth Art Centre ,North and South Wales Potters, Wales, U K
    2009 International ceramic workshop, Gyeoggi International ceramic Biennale, Icheon, South Korea
    2009 International ceramic exchange, Jilim Collige, Jiom, China
    2006 Inspire each other Mashiko 2006, Madhiko International Ceramic Festival 2006, Mashiko, Japan
    2006 Gust artist workshop, UtahState University, Utahstat, U S A
    2001 Onggi American Tour 2001, USA HOST INSTITUTIONS, New York,Westen Illinos, Iowal LA, U S A

일반적으로 보기 흉하다고 하는 작품을 전시하여 그와 반대되는 아름다운 작품을 상상하게 끔 해보려 한다, 흉하다는 것은 홀로 존재하지 않는다. 그와 반대되는 아름다운 것이 있어야 존재 한다. 인간도 예술행위를 하면 할수록 그와 반대되는 무언가 계속해서 만들어 낼 것이다. 어떻게 보면 예술 활동을 안 하는 것이 진정한 예술을 한다 할 수도 있을 것이다. 모든 것은 상대적으로 존재한다. 좋고 나쁘고, 길고 짧고, 더럽고 깨끗하고....

I create an artwork that most people would consider ugly because I want you to imagine a beautiful one in comparison. “Ugly” does not exist alone. Only when there is something beautiful to compare it against can we say that something is ugly. The more we create art, the more we will continue to create something to compare it against. In a way, we can create true art without explicitly creating it. Everything is relative: Good and bad, long and short, dirty and clean….these are merely degrees on continums between polar opposites.