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Nao Hara하라 나오

    Japan, 일본
    Ceramic Artist
    2009 Pref Kyoto higher vocational institutions, Ceramic Painting, Diploma
    2009 Kyoto-city Completion, Industrial Research Institute, Ceramics corse, Diploma
    2007 BFA, Ceramic art,Kyoto Seika University, Japan, Ceramic, Bachelor
    2018 feeling the Jazz spirit …JyunkichiKumakura ceramics × 21st Century Ceramic Artists, The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park Museum, Shigaraki, Japan
    2018 「NO MAN IS AN ISLAND」Twenty Countries Ceramic and Glass Exhibition (Taoxichuan2018 Spring and Autum Market)(Spring Market), Taoxichuan museum, Jingdezhen, China
    2017 Transformation of stone 2017Cheongsong Porcelain Intermational Residence Artist Exhibition, The Museum of Yeahsong, Cheonsong, Korea
    2015 NEW DESIGN of TEA-SHUHALLY, Good Design Store in PMQ, Central / Admiralty, HongKong
    2018 The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park Foundation, Shigaraki, Japan
    2018 Shangyu Celadon international Ceramic Art Center, Shangyu, China
    2017 The Museum of Cheonsong Foundation, Cheongsong, Korea
    2018 Shangyu Celadon International Residence, Shangyu Celadon international Ceramic Art Center, Shangyu, China
    2017 The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park Museum Residence(Guests Artist), The Foundation of Shigaraki Ceramic cultural Park, Shigaraki, Japan
    2017 Cheongsong Porcelain Intermational Residence Artist, Cheongsong Foundation, Cheonsong, Korea

나의 창작 의도는 작품을 통해 관람객과 소통하면서 국경을 초월하여 좋은 친구들을 만드는 것이다. 이 작품은 다른 나라의 작가들과 전시 공간을 공유하면서 대화를 즐길 수 있게 해준다. 이 작품을 보는 이들의 수 만큼이나 많은 미소가 피어날 것이고 이 미소의 수 만큼 보는 이들도 행복해질 것이다.

The goal of the artwork is to become good friends over the border by talking with the artwork. This piece can enjoy interaction with other countries people to share space. Smiles are born, as many as the number of people encountered, and people will be happy as much as the number of smiles.