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Atsushi Takagaki다카가키 아츠시

    Japan, 일본
    Representative, Kuraki Ceramic Studio
    1972 Tama Art University, Sculpture, BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts)
    2017 Japan Ceramic Exhibition (Invited), Daimaru Museum, Tokyo, Japan
    2014 Modern Ceramic Arts, Expressions, Ceramic Art Museum of Ibaraki, Kasama, Japan
    2014 Celadon Now, The National Mseum of Modern Art, Tokyo, Japan
    2013 TEFAF 2013 (2 times later), Art Fair, Maastricht, Netherland
    2012 Vallauris Ceramics Biennale 2012, Piccaso Museum, Vallauris, France
    2009 Collect Art Fair 2009 (Invited 6 times later), Saatchi Gallery, London, UK
    2008 The Musee Tomo Prize, Contemporary Ceramics for the Tea Ceremony ( Invited 3 times later), Musee Tomo, Tokyo, Japan
    1985 Japan Traditional Art Exhibition (10 times since then), Mitskoshi, Tokyo, Japan
    1985 Japan Ceramic Exhibition (6 times since then), Daimaru Museum, Tokyo, Japan
    2007 Excellence Award, Kikuchi Biennale, Musee Tomo, Tokyo, Japan
    2005 Excellence Award, Asahi Ceramic Exhibition, Asahi Shinbun Co., Nagoya, Japan
    2013 The museum of Ceramic Art Ibaraki, Kasama, Japan
    2013 Ackland Art Museum, Ackland, USA
    2012 The Museum of Ceramic Art Hyogo, Hyogo, Japan
    2010 The British Museum, London, UK
    2008 The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, Japan
    2007 Musee Tomo, Tokyo, Japan

자연에서 채취한 재료를 사용하여 공간 포용적이며, 오랜 세월이 지나도 건재하며, 어떤 연령층, 어떤 문화적 유산이나 신념을 가진 사람에게도 받아들여지는 숭고한 아름다움을 도자기를 통하여 표현하려 한다.

Only way of expression, by ceramic arts of wild materials and the space inclusive, of the manifestation of the sublime ? a beauty that can stand the tests of time and the power to move, no matter the age, heritage, or creed.