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Dorothea Nold도로테아 놀드

    Germany, 독일
    2018 PhD Hochule fur Bildende Kunste Berlin, artistic research, PhD
    2009 Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts Paris, sculpture, Master
    2018 The JHB Archive, Birmingham Open Media, Birmingham, United Kingdom
    2018 Territoriale Expeditionen, Kunsthaus L6,, Freiburg, Germany
    2018 Mirrors, Kunstlerhaus Dortmund, Dortmund, Germany
    2018 Entwoder, alpha nova kulturfabrik & galerie futura, Berlin, Germany
    2017 International Ceramic Laboratory, Mark Rothko Center, Daugavpils, Latvia
    2017 Encoding the Urban, Kunsthalle Mulhouse, Mulhouse, France
    2016 Welcome to Futuristan,, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin, Germany
    2016 De Lirio Raritatenladen, Galerie Braubach Five, Frankfurt, Germany
    2016 A Simple Task, Kreuzbergpavillion, Berlin, Germany
    2018 Research Stipend, Senate Berlin, Berlin, Germany
    2016 Travel Stipend, Otto-Pfeifer-Stiftung, Luzern, Switzerland
    2015 Stipend, Cusanuswerk, Bonn, Germany
    2011 Research Fellow am Forum Transregionale Studien, Transregionale Studien, Berlin, Germany
    2018 Collection Mark Rothko Center, Daugavpils, Latvia
    2016 Collection Carola Schmidt, Frankfurt, Germany
    2018 X-COMA, (mada s.p.a.m.), Xi´An, China
    2018 5th International Ceramic Art Symposium, Daugavpils, Latvia
    2009 Art and Cultural Studies Lab, (A.S.C.L.), Yerevan, Armenia
    2008 Quartier Orange, Bamako, Mali

나의 작품은 물리적, 사회적 공간 변형을 다룬다. 제작상의 한계와 품질을 염두에 두고 도용, 개조, 완성, 붕괴의 과정을 보여주기 위하여 건축 형태들을 조정한다. 이런 작업을 통하여 나는 기존의 환경이 재현되고, 변형되어 계승된 형태와 구조, 그리고 그런 것들이 가져올 영향에 대하여 질문을 던진다.

My work deals with transformations of physical and social spaces. Trying on constructional limits and qualities, I modify architectural forms to draw processes of appropriation, conversion, appearance, and decay. Thereby, I interrogate how forms and structures, through which the built environment is reproduced, transformed, and handed down, shapes and affects.