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Chiman Chan찬 치만

    Hong Kong, 홍콩
    Ceramic Artist
    2017 Seoul National University, Ceramics, MFA
    2007 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Supply Chain Management, BSc.
    2019 New China Contemporary Chinese Ceramics Exhibition, Bank of China Tower, Hong Kong
    2016 Kap-Sun Hwang und seine Schuler - Ein erfolgreiches Ausbildungskonzept in Keramik, Galerie Handwerk, Munchen, Germany
    2016 Cheongju International Crafts Fair, Cheongju International Crafts Fair, Cheongju, Korea
    2016 Asian Students and Young Artists Art Festival, Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul, Korea
    2015 China-Korea Ceramic Exhibition, Hanyang University Museum, Seoul, Korea
    2017 Honorable Mention, Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale 2017 ? International Competition, Korea Ceramic Foundation, Icheon, Korea
    2016 Selected, Talente 2016, Munich and Upper Bavarian Chamber of Skilled Trades, Munich, Germany
    2016 Finalist, Taiwan Ceramic Biennale International Competition, New Taipei City Government, New Taipei City, Taiwan
    2015 Selected, The 8th International Biennial of Ceramics of EI Vendrell, EI Vendrell, EI Vendrell, Spain
    2015 Selected, The 3rd International triennial of Ceramics UNICUM 2015, National Museum of Slovenia, Slovenia
    2015 Selected, The 35th Concurs Internacional de Ceramica CICA2015, Museum of Ceramics of l'Alcora, l'Alcora, Spain
    2015 Selected, The 12th International Biennial of Ceramics in Manises, Museum of Ceramics of Manises, Manises, Spain
    2015 Selected, Korean Craft Competition, Iksan City Government, Iksan, Korea
    2015 Selected, Korean Ceramic Competition, Incheon City Government, Incheon, Korea
    2015 Selected, Cheongju International Craft Competition, Cheongju, Korea
    2017 Yingge Ceramics Museum, New Taipei, Taiwan
    2015 National Museum of Slovenia, Slovenia
    2015 Museum of Ceramics of Manises, Manises, Spain
    2015 Museum of Ceramics of l‘Alcora, l‘Alcora, Spain
    2015 EI Vendrell Museum, EI Vendrell, Spain

나는 색칠을 한 원통의 윗면과 옆면이 직선으로 결합되는 기하학적 무늬를 내면에서 볼 수 있는 원통형 도자기를 만든다. 나는 원통이 갖는 입체감을 활용하여 보다 깊이 있는 착시현상을 유도한다.

My works show geometrical figures that appear inside the ceramic cylinder when the paintings on the top and on the side of the cylinder join in a straight line. I use the 3D feature of the cylinder to suggest the sense of depth for a more convincing visual illusion effect.