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Adam Knoche아담 크노키

    USA, 미국
    Adjunct Professor
    2014 Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville, Studio Art, MFA
    2010 Ball State University, Studio Art, BFA
    2018 Texas Talent, Craighead Green Gallery, Dallas, USA
    2018 Small Favors, The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, USA
    2018 Side Show, RO2 Gallery, Dallas, USA
    2018 NCECA Annual, Form Will Find Its Way, Katherine E. Nash Gallery, Minneapolis, USA
    2018 Faculty Exhibition, Forum Gallery, Dallas, USA
    2018 Emerging Artist, Ceramics Monthly, USA
    2018 Charma Cameleon, RO2 Gallery, Dallas, USA
    2018 Art Aspen, Art Aspen, Aspen, USA
    2017 Best in Show, Nature, Light, time and space Gallery, Jupiter, USA
    2014 Purchase award, Thomas D. Gipe Award, St. Louis, USA
    2013 Grant, Research Grant for Graduate Students, Edwardsville, USA
    2011 Purchase award, Student Success Show, SIUE, Edwardsville, USA
    2011 SIUE Permenant Collection, Edwardsville, USA
    2018 Workshop/Lecture, Pacific University, Portland, USA
    2018 Workshop/lecture, Hockaday, Dallas, USA
    2018 Workshop, Booker T. Washington, Dallas, USA
    2018 Workshop, A&M Commerece, Commerce, USA
    2016 Workshop, Brookhaven College, Dallas, USA
    2012 Workshop/lecture, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA
    2012 AIR Strathnairn, Strathnairn, Canberra, Australia

전시 참여 목적은 전 세계 관객들에게 전통적인 제작기법을 사용하지 않고 만든 특이한 조형물을 보여주기 위한 것이다. 나는 분상의 점토 가루를 주형으로 뜬 후 가장 높은 온도에서 소성하여 단단한 오브제로 만든다. 호주에서 보낸 레지던지 프로그램 기간 중 호주 원주민의 납골당을 보고 이 방법을 생각해 냈다. 나는 2012년부터 가루 점토를 사용한 원료와 소성 기법을 연구해왔다.

The objective of the exhibition is to exhibit to an international audience a unique collection of artwork that was created using nontraditional construction methods. I create my work using pulverized powdered clay formed into molds and fired to peak temperatures to insure a solid object. This method was conceived during my residency in Australia when I experienced an Aboriginal ossuary. I have been researching materials and firing technique using powdered clays since 2012.