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Stephanie Langard스테파니 랑가드

    France, 프랑스
    2001 Domus Academy Milan, Product Design, MA
    1998 School of Art & Design Reims, Design, BA
    1996 Art Center College of Design LA, Product Design, 1st degree BA
    2018 Monumental Wood Sculpture, Chateau Montus, Montus, France
    2016 Duo show with Hopare, Avenue Montaigne, Paris, France
    2016 Artist supported by Marithe and Francois Girbaud, Galerie JOSEPH, Paris, France
    2015 Designer’s Days - L’Experience, Galerie JOSEPH, Paris, France
    2014 Designer’s Days - Le Mouvement, Museum of Decorative Arts, Paris, France
    2014 -, Starter Gallery, Paris, France
    2014 -, Pavillon des Savoir-Faire, Moscou, Russia
    2013 Designer’s Days - Et Demain, Galerie Slott, Paris, France
    2013 -, Starter Gallery, Paris, France
    2001 Les Designers au tapis, Musee du Feutre, Paris, France
    2014 -, Paris Shop & Design Prize, CCI Paris, Paris, France
    2013 -, Janus du Commerce Prize, French Institute of Design, Paris, France
    1998 Laureate, Masters de la Creation, Entrepreneurs’s Fair, Paris, France
    1997 Laureate, The Fondation 3 Suisses, The Fondation 3 Suisses, Paris, France
    1992 Vocation Artistique Prize, International Center for Arts & Letters, International Center for Arts & Letters, Paris, France
    2018 Monumental Wood Sculpture, Chateau Montus & Bouscasse, Montus, France

영혼 안에서 감정을 만들어 내는 것. 스테파니의 시적 예지력이 개념을 수반한다. 그는 유형의 형태 안에 내면에 존재하는 추상적 개념을 집어넣는다. 그는 한 개 보다는 여러 개가 모였을 때 더 큰 힘을 발휘하고 더 좋은 이야기를 들려줄 수 있다고 생각한다. 그는 완벽함, 우연적인 사고, 실패 간에 진정한 균형이 존재하는 작품 제작을 즐긴다.

Creating (e)motion within souls. Stephanie’s poetic vision brings about conception. Her sculptures give tangible form to the abstract concepts that live inside them. Thinking that pieces are stronger together than alone, can tell a better story. She likes playing around with perfection, accidents, failures in which there is a true kind of equilibrium.