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Brigitte Jurack브리지트 유라크

    Germany, 독일
    Head of Sculpture/ Time Based Arts , Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University
    2018 Manchester Metropolitan University(UK), PhD
    1992 Chelsea College of Art and Design (UK), MA
    1990 Glasgow School of Art (UK), PG diploma
    1989 Kunstakademie Dusseldorf (Germany), Master
    1988 Kunstakademie Dusseldorf (Germany), LA Sek II.I
    2018 Scavengers, LIverpool Independent Biennial, Liverpool, UK
    2018 Monkey Business, FILET gallery and project space, London, UK
    2017 Public View, Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool, UK
    2017 Foreigners, Bury Museum and Sculpture Centre, Bury, UK
    2016 Sculpture by the se, Aarhus waterfront, Aarhus, Denmark
    2016 Localism, MIMA, Middlesborough, UK
    2016 Doppelgaenger, Lewisham Arthouse, London, UK
    2014 One square foot of sky, Oi! Art Centre, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
    2014 Liverpool Art Prize, METAL, Liverpool, UK
    2010 Die Tangente beruhrt den Kreis nur in einem Punkt, IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Art), Dublin, Ireland
    2014 commissioned, Liverpool Independent public commissions, Art in Liverpool, Birkenhead, UK
    2011 selected, Liverpool Art Prize, Art in Liverpool, Liverpool, UK
    2011 Bursary, Prince of Wales Bursary, British School, Athens, Greece
    2008 Egan Award, DeptfordX-best new work, DeptfordX, London, UK
    1999 ICI Fellowship, ICI Visual Arts Fellowship, ICI and ACE, Middlesborough, UK
    1993 Henry Moore Fellowship, Henry Moore Fellowships for sculpture, Winchester School of Art, Winchester, UK
    1991 British Council Fellowship, British Council studentships, British Council, London/Glasgow, UK
    1989 Robert Samuel Prize, Student Prize for innovative work, Kunstakademie Dusseldorf, Dusseldorf, Germany
    2014 Museum Man, Berlin, Germany
    2013 Wirral Borough Council, Wallasey, UK
    2010 Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, UK
    2018 Sanskriti Residency, SansKriti Foundation, Dehli, India
    2015 Soap boxes Workshop, GAFA (Guangzhou Art School), Guangzhou, China
    2011 Prince of Wales Residency, British School in Athens, Athens, Greece
    2010 International Artist residency, IMMA, Dublin, Ireland
    2009 International Ceramic Residency, EKWC, Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
    2007 Braziers International Artists Workshop, Braziers, Oxfordshire, UK
    2004 International artist residency, Kunstfond, Aahrenshoop, Germany
    1999 ICI Visual Arts residency, ICI, Middlesborough, UK
    1995 International Ceramic Residency, EKWC, Hertogenbosch, UK
    1993 Henry Moore Sculpture Fellowship, Winchester School of Art, Winchester, UK

“우리를 보세요 ㅡ 우리는 당신과 다르면서도 닮았다는 걸 모르시겠어요?” 나는 기다리는 모습을 흉내 낸 원숭이들과 젊은이들의 모습을 통하여 먹고, 앉고, 자는 세계를 상기시킨다. 이들 조각상은 동물과 인간이 지속가능하며 평화로운 세상에서 함께 사는 모습을 상상하고 있다.

“Look at us - can’t you see that we’re different and like you?” Through mimicry, I conjure up a world of eating, sitting, and sleeping; waiting monkeys and young people. These sculptures imagine a world in which animals and people live side by side in a sustainable and peaceful world.