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Chih-Chi Hsu쉬 즈치

    Taiwan, 대만
    2008 Tainan National University of the Arts, Graduate Institute of Applied Arts, MFA
    2019 「Taipei Dangdai- Art & Ideas」Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center,Taiwan
    2019 「Only Connect Osaka」Creative Center Osak,Japan
    2018 「IAC-Exploring Taiwan Contemporary Ceramics」, Taiwan
    2018 「 Motionless Boundary」 Eiement Art Space, Singapore, Singapore
    2017 「URNEN- ICBK」The European Ceramic Workcentre, Netherlands
    2017 「Switching to the Manual Mode」solo exhibition, Soka Art, Tainan, Taiwan
    2017 「Korea Craft Trend Fair」 korea Craft and Design Foundation, Seoul, Korea
    2017 「Art Taipei」 Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei, Taiwan
    2016 「The Unoccupied Space」solo exhibition, 201Art, Taichung, Taiwan
    2016 「Concept-Taiwan Ceramic Biennale」 Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taiwan
    2016 Silver「Taiwan Ceramics Biennale」 Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taiwan
    2011 Selected「57th Faenza Prize」 International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza, Italy
    2011 First Prize「 7th Taipei Ceramics Awards」 Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taiwan
    2010 Selected「27th Gold Coast International ceramic Art Award」, Australia
    2009 Selected「Talente - Internationale Handwerksmesse」 Munich, Germany
    2016 Yingge Ceramics Museum, New Taipei City, Taiwan
    2015 Arctic Ceramic center, Posio, Finland
    2014 White Rabbit Museum, Sydney, Australia
    2009 Natuonal Taiwan Museum Of Fine Arts,Taiwan, Taichung, Taiwan
    2009 Baltimore Clayworks, Baltimore, USA
    2017 Yingge Ceramics Museum residency program, Taiwan
    2015 ArctiClay 6 symposium, Arctic Ceramic center, Posio, Finland
    2012 International Ceramic Symposium, Okinawa Art Museum, Okinawa, Japan
    2011 International Ceramic Symposium, Schloss Glucksburg, Romhild, Germany
    2009 Artist In residence, Baltimore Clayworks, Baltimore, USA
    2009 Displaced Artists Fund, Vermont Studio Center, Vermont, USA

가상과 현실을 구별하는 과정에서 우리는 자신의 자리를 끊임없이 조정하고 그 안에서 자신의 모든 관계 좌표를 재정의한다. 감정적인 인식과 이성적인 의식 사이에서 ‘스마일 커브’와 선이 만들어 내는 표면의 긴장감이 유연한 <하얀 섬> 시리즈로 모습을 드러낸다. 삶의 무게를 지고 변화를 수용하면서.

In the process of discerning the virtual versus the real, we constantly reposition ourselves in the quadrant of life and redefine all our relation coordinates within it. The curve of the smile and the surface tension of the lining are intertwined into a series of flowing white islands, between emotional awareness and rational consciousness, loaded with the weights of life and embracing the changes.