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MetteMaya Gregersen메테 마야 그레게르센

    Denmark, 덴마크
    Ceramic Artist
    2001 Sheffield University, Centre for Psychotherapeutic studies, Art Psychotherapy, PGD
    1999 Camberwell College of Arts, London Institute, Ceramics, BA
    1995 Camberwell College of Arts, London, Art and Design, DIP
    2018 New Orentalia, Yingge Ceramic Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
    2018 Clay (Ler), Museum Jorn, with Dirty Go Clay Band, Silkeborg, Denmark
    2017 Transformation, Kunstbygningen Vra, Vra, Denmark
    2017 L'Elegance du tumulte, Galerie Terra viva, St. Quentin La poterie, France
    2016 Making Waves, Thalassa Museum, Aya Napa, Cyprus
    2016 Festival de Sculpture Ceramique, Galerie Le Don du Fel, Le Fel, France
    2015 The Danish Biennale of Art and Design, CarlsbergBygningen, Copenhagen, Denmark
    2015 International Biennale, Den Breughel, Haacht, Belgium
    2014 Momentum, Puls Contemporary Ceramics, Brussels, Belgium
    2014 International Triennal of Silicate Arts, Hiros Agora Cultural Centre, Kecskemet, Hungary
    2017 Workshop, Northern Potters Association, Sheffield, England
    2017 Residency, Petersens Tile Factory, Nyboel, Denmark
    2016 Workshop, Cork Potters Association, Cork, Ireland
    2016 Residency, Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, Jingdezhen, China
    2015 Workshop, Art Therapy Northern Programme, Sheffield, England
    2015 Residency, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield, England
    2014 Residency, International Ceramic Studio, Kecskemet, Hungary

나는 작품을 통하여 재료와 나의 생각 간의 관계를 탐구한다. 나의 정신세계와 물질을 연결하는 구조가 정해진 공간 안에서 어떻게 형태를 보여줄 것인가에 대하여 고민한다. 각 오브제는 점토에 담긴 내적인 대화를 형상화한 것이다.

In my work I aim to explore the relationship between the material and thought. How the structural connection between mind and matter can reflect the shape within a defined space. Each object is a response to an internal dialogue reflected and moulded in clay. It exists because I make it real.!