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Lorna Murphy로나 머피

    Ireland, 아일랜드
    Ceramic Artist
    2018 Galway Mayo Institute of Technology, Ceramics, Bachelor of Art Hons in Fine Art
    2017 Galway Mayo Institute of Technology, Ceramics, Bachelor of art ord in Art & Design
    2014 Galway Technical Institute, Textiles, Diploma in Textile Design
    2005 St Johns College, Cork, Documentary Photography, Diploma in Photographic Studies
    2019 Remediation, Galway Design House, Unit 22 Artist Collective, Galway City, Ireland
    2018 Rewilding,Unit 22 Artist Collective, Eyre Square, Galway, Ireland
    2018 An Architecture of Tears, Centre of Creative Arts & Media, Galway, Ireland
    2017 Shedding Skin, Centre of Creative Arts & Media, Galway, Ireland
    2017 Sculpture in Context, Botanical Gardens, Dublin, Ireland
    2017 Memory in Retrograde, Killorglin Gallery, Kerry, Ireland
    2007 Rural Rituals, Tig Filli, Cork, Ireland
    2019 Future Makers Awards, Material Support Award, Design Craft Council of Ireland
    2018 Academic Achievement Award, Academic Award, Centre of Creative Arts and Media, Galway, Ireland
    2017 Botanical Gardens Ireland, Dublin, Ireland
    2019 Traidphicnic, Wind Workshops, Spiddal, Co.Galway
    2019 Galway Potters Market, The Spanish Arch, Clay Workshops
    2018 Crystalisation of Tears, with Professor Peter Crowley, National University of Ireland,Galway, Galway, Ireland

눈물 방울을 생각하면서 기물 안으로 슬립을 떨어트리는 데는 긴 시간이 걸리지 않는다. 또한 슬립 방울이 떨어져서 안에서 구조가 형성 되는 데도 긴 시간이 걸리지 않는다. 이 작품은 눈물들로 만들어진 시적인 형상을 추구한다.

In contemplation of a tear, it does not take long to slip inside one. Nor does it take long to realize that when a certain tear is being shed, an inner architecture unfolds. The Heart of Matter series seeks to give expression to a poetic architecture of tears. This architecture is primarily rooted in the vibration of memories & the pulsating heartbeat. It is essentially about journeying to the edge of rare experiences, and the phenomenology associated with points of encounter and departure. Allowing the clay process to unfold an alchemical philosophy.