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Ruhan Chen천 루한

    China, 중국
    Intern in the United Nations Headquarter, New York
    2017 Lund university, Industrial design, Master
    2015 China academy of art, Industrial design, Bachelor
    2018 「 Rehogar 」exhibition in Barcelona, Spain
    2018 「 Cyclic food chain 」exhibition in Form Design Centre, Malmo, Sweden
    2018 Milano design week - 「 Via palermo 1 」, Brera area, Milano, Italy
    2017 Milano design week - 「 融 Rong 」Exhibition, Italy
    2015 「 Design. East 」exhibition in Milano, Italy
    2015 - 2016 「 9th and 10th Hangzhou cultural and creative industry expo 」, China
    2019 Crafoord Scholarship, Lund, Sweden
    2018 Selected,‘Green product award’ ,Germany
    2017 Ingvar Kamprad scholarship from IKEA foundation,Sweden
    2015 Gold prize of graduation design in China academy of art,China
    2012-2014 First prize scholarships, China academy of Art

물결: 물결로부터 이 시리즈에 대한 영감을 얻었다. 나는 딱딱한 도자기가 부드러운 물결의 변화를 보여주기를 바란다. 물결에서 영감을 얻어 일상에서 사용하는 생활 용기를 더 흥미 있게 만들 수 있었다. 접시와 컵 바닥의 곡선은 서로 맞물리게 되어 있어 안정감을 준다. 물론 접시와 컵을 따로 사용할 수 있다. 하늘을 연상시키는 파란색의 그라데이션이 담담한 아름다움을 느끼게 해준다.

: The inspiration of this series is a "tide." I hope hard ceramics can present the changes of soft waves, which could make everyday utensils more interesting. The bottom curves of the plates and cups are consistent with each other, giving users a more stable experience, and they also can be used separately. The gradual change of azure blue brings a touch of serene beauty.