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Helen Johannessen헬렌 요하네센

    UK, 영국
    Ceramic Artist
    Senior Ceramics Tutor
    2017 Royal College of Art, Ceramics & Glass, Masters
    2001 Buckinghamshire Chilterns University, Teaching Certificate in Higher Education, Post Graduate
    1995 Middlesex University, Ceramics & Jewellery, BaHons
    2019 British Ceramics Biennial, Spode Factory, Stoke On Trent, UK
    2018 Tactile Minds, The House Mill, Bow, London, UK
    2018 Inside. Out., Butiken Republiken, Stockholm, Sweden
    2018 Friends of The Kiln Room, The Kiln Room, Peckham, London, UK
    2018 European Ceramic Context, Grønbechs Gaard, Bornholm, Denmark
    2017 The Emerging & the Established, Chrisite's Auction House, London, UK
    2017 Make Shift, Collyer Bristow, London, UK
    2017 Graduate Exhibition, Woo Gallery, RCA, London, UK
    2017 Dark Side of the Moonn, Hexagon Classics, London, UK
    2018 Scholarship, Konstfack X RCA, Anglo Swedish Society, London, UK
    2018 Rising Star Award, FRANZ Rising Star Projet, FRANZ Project, Taipei City, Taiwan
    2017 Finalist, New HQ Installation, Bloomberg Fosters & Partners, London, Uk
    2019 FRANZ RSP, Jingdezhen, China,
    2018 Konstfack X RCA, Anglo Swedish Society, Sweden, Stockholm

나는 포슬린 표면과 조각적 형태를 갖는 용기를 만든다. 개념, 평면과 입체 사이에서 일어나는 신체적, 시각적 이동을 탐구하는 예술가들의 영향을 받아 환상적이며 그래픽적인 미학을 점토에서 찾으려 노력한다. 우리가 살고 있는 디지털 시대에 순응하여 나는 캐스팅, 질감, 프린팅 기법들을 사용하여 나의 작품에 픽셀화 개념을 접목시키는데 성공하였다.

My objective is to create an experiential space of the project title "Transition". By composing suspended and wall mounted ceramics, employing the use of lighting and shadows with porcelain loop components of varying sizes. The goal of my exhibit will be to capture the sense of consciousness moving away from reality and entering the condition of the human imagination; a reflective space or the state of reverie. The overall vision is a composition of hanging screen printed, coloured, textured, layered and finely cast porcelain formed with surfaces inside verging loop sizes. It’s an experimentation with the tension of the delicacy and visceral qualities of visual effects on the mind.