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Paulo Cypriano파울로 시프리아노

    Brazil, 브라질
    Civil Servant
    1991 Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Portuguese and German Languages, Bachelor of Arts
    2009-2015 - Wheel-throwing courses, Eugenio Alvim Studio, Brasilia, Brazil
    2009-2011 - Handbuilding Ceramic courses, Patricia Frajmund Studio, Brasilia, Brazil
    2007-2008 Wheel throwing and salt firing workshops, Frank Theunissen Studio, Cordes-sur-Ciel, France
    2007-2008 - Wheel throwing and ceramic workshops, Gregoire Scalbre Studio, Paris, France
    2007-2008 - Ceramic classes (throwing, handbuilding, glazing), Taller de Barro Federika Whitfeld, Mexico City, Mexico
    2006-2008 - Glaze formulation, glazing and firing workshops, Alberto Diaz de Cosio Sudio, Mexico City, Mexico

내가 용기의 형태에 집착하는 이유는 표현의 수단으로서 전통적인 기능적 형태가 지닌 무궁무진한 힘을 인식하고 있기 때문이다. 용기는 내가 단순히 새로운 것만을 추구하게 놔두지 않는다. 용기는 내가 항상 순박하고 허식이 없는 작품을 만들도록 도와준다. 그러나 물레 작업을 할 때마다 매번 또 다른 놀라운 형태를 보여주고 새로운 유약을 바르고 소성할 때마다 새로운 모습을 드러내면서 시적인 휴식을 하게 해준다.

In my work, the attachment to the vessel shapes is anchored to the recognition of the inexhaustibility of classical utilitarian forms as a means of expression. The vessel protects me from mere pursuit to the new and helps me to bind my work to the simplicity and unpretentiousness of that which is already given, but needs to reemerge as something extraordinary in each new wheel throwing session and in each new glazing and firing. This is the birth of the object from and back into its poetic repose.