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Anton Alvarez안톤 알바레스

    Sweden, Chile, 스웨덴, 칠레
    Studio Anton Alvarez
    2012 Royal College of Art, Design Products, MFA
    2009 Konsfack, interior architecture, BFA
    2018 Visual Vertigo (solo), Espace Muraille, Geneva, Switzerland
    2017 Uppsala Darling (duo), Uppsala Konstmuseum, Uppsala, Sweden
    2017 Tropicana (duo), Christie's, London, UK
    2017 To Plan the Unexpected (solo), Gallery Christian Larsen, Stockholm, Sweden
    2016 In Search of the Unknown (solo), Gallery Machado-Munoz, Madrid, Spain
    2016 How Long is a Piece of Thread (solo), Xue Xue institute, Taipei, Taiwan
    2016 Alphabet Aerobics (solo), National Centre for Craft and Design, Sleaford, UK
    2015 Wrapsody (solo), Salon 94, New York, USA
    2014 Wrappers Delight (solo), Gallery Libby Sellers, London, UK
    2014 Thread Wrapping Architecture (solo), Gustavsbergs Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden
    2018 Uppsala Komun, Uppsala, Sweden
    2018 Rhoska Musuem, Gothenburg, Sweden
    2016 National Museum, Stockholm, Sweden
    2015 Public Art Agency Sweden, -, Sweden
    2015 National Museum, Stockholm, Sweden
    2015 Denver art Museum, Denver, USA
    2018 Long-Term Resident (one year), Archibray Foundaton for the ceramic art, Helena, USA

점토를 주입하여 압출하는 3톤짜리 압출기로 뽑아낸 작품이다. 압출기는 작가가 직접 제작했으며, 작가가 거의 개입하지 않고 제3자가 점토를 뽑아낼 수 있도록 고안되었다. 기계의 통제 하에 탄생한 추상적인 형태의 작품인 것이다. 작가는 자동으로 실을 감는 스레드래핑머신Thread Wrapping Machine을 제작해서 나무, 강철, 플라스틱 등 여러 종류의 재료들을 결합하여 작품을 만들기도 했다. 손으로 흙을 빚거나 틀을 사용하는 과거의 제작방식에서 벗어나 디지털 기술을 도입함으로써 도자예술의 영역을 한층 더 넓히고 있는 현대도예계의 모습을 반영하고 있는 작품이다.

This ceramic piece was produced by use of a 3-ton clay extruder. Alvarez, the artist, designed and built the extruder himself so that anyone could extrude clay through the machine without assistance. That is, this is an abstract form created under the control of a machine. Alvarez also worked with a wide range of materials including wood, steel, and plastic. He combined these materials to produce works of art using a thread wrapping machine that he himself also built. Replacing the conventional production method of building by hand or molding by digital technology, this work reflects the realm of contemporary ceramics today, which is expanding the domain of ceramic art.