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Anna Freundlich안나 프로인틀리히

    Poland, 폴란드
    Industrial and graphic designer
    2017 Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Industrial design, Master
    2015 Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Industrial design, Bachelor
    2014 Galeria X, Bratislava, Slovakia
    2018 III place, Riedel Award 2018, Riedel, Kufstein, Austria
    2017 I place, Future Living Award 2017, Simens, Warsaw, Poland
    2016 Finalist, Make me 2016, Łodz design festival, Łodz, Poland
    2016 Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland
    2014 Kulp., Izmir University of Economics and Menemen Potters Associations, Izmir, Turkey

나는 주위 환경에서 작품에 대한 영감을 받으며 가장 완벽한 형태를 발견하는 데 집중한다. 나는 반복적으로 생산 가능한 생활 도자기를 제작하지만 각 제품이 작가의 흔적이 담긴 나름대로의 독특함을 보여주기를 희망한다.

In my work I often inspire myself with the environment I focused on finding the most perfect form. On the one hand I created the functional, repeatable, industrial product; on the other, I wanted each item to be different and the unique, containing the artist's footprint.