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Angelica Tulimiero안젤리카 투리미에로

    Italy, 이탈리아
    Ceramic Artist
    2001 Morley College, London, art and design, foundation
    1999 Morley College, London, advanced ceramics
    1994 Istituto Statale d'Arte De Luca, Avellino, applied arts to ceramics, degree
    2018 Retrospective, Matres Festival, Cava de Tirreni Salerno, Italy
    2018 La Ceramica in circolo, Argilla 2018, Faenza, Italy
    2017 Meet'In, Festival de la Culture, Fort de France, Martinique
    2017 Art for Kika, Cloud Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    2016 Keramik Europas- Westerwald Museum, Studtmuseum, Siegburg, Germany
    2016 InDeeper-solo show, Cloud Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    2016 Ceramique 14, Ceramique 14\Terretous, Paris, France
    2016 Art for Refugees, Cloud Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    2015 Form Frei- Keramik Europas, Schloss Gottorf, Scloss Gottorf, Germany
    2015 Actions- solo show, Cloud Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    2017 Finalist, XXI Concurso de la Ceramica Ciudad de Valladolid, Ciudad de Valladolid, Valladolid, Spain
    2017 Finalist, CERCO 2017, Cerco, Zaragoza, Spain
    2015 1st prize, 35 CICA, Museu de la Ceramica de L'Alcora, L'Alcora, Spain
    2014 Finalist, Keramik Europas, Westerwald Museum, Hohr Grenzhausen, Germany
    2014 Finalist, IV Biennale della ceramica Contemporanea, MACRON, Cerreto Sannita, Benevento, Italy
    2014 Finalist, Forme Antiche Nuove Idee, Museo della Ceramica, Grottaglie, Italy
    2013 3rd Prize, Terramoti, Terramoti, Ariano Irpino, Italy
    2006 Finalist, I Biennal de la Ceramica de Marratxi, Museu del fang, Marratxi, Spain
    2017 Reinassance der Erde, Ohana, Mainburg, Germany
    2012 European Artists, European artists, Essen, Germany
    2009 6th Ludvig Symposium, Ludvig Art, Kendlimajor, Hungary
    2008 Ambient Exterioir, Incheba Expo, Bratislava, Slovakia
    2008 5th LudvigS ymposium, Ludvig Art, Kendlimajor, Hungary
    2007 Art Festival, Petras, Besenova, Slovakia
    2007 Ambient Exterior, Incheba Expo, Bratislava, Slovakia

자연은 보편적인 언어를 창조해낸다. 그 자연 안에 담긴 무늬로부터 영감을 받아 이 작품을 제작하였다. 원하는 구조와 질감을 얻기 위하여 신체적으로 고된 작업을 거치는 이유는 자연의 언어를 소통시키기 위한 것이다. 우리의 세상 그리고 그 세상을 구성하고 있는 미립자들에 대한 상상이 이 작품의 출발점이 되었다.

Guided by the patterns present in nature, that create an independent universal language, my research focuses in absorbing this form of communication through a laborious play of structures and textures. Though drawn from imagination, my creations reference our world and the atoms of which it is composed.