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Heidi Hentze하이디 헨세

    Denmark, 덴마크
    Ceramic Artist
    2006 The Glass and Ceramic school on Bornholm, Ceramic, BA ish
    2018 NVK Keramiek Triennale, CODA Museum, Apeldoorn, Nl
    2018 European Ceramic Context open call, Groeenbechsgaard, Hasle, Dk
    2017 The Biennale of Craft and Design, Museumsbygningen, Copenhagen, Dk
    2016 Geometry of Material, Ann Linnemann Gallery, solo exhibition, Copenhagen, Dk
    2016 Danish Contemporary, Lacoste Gallery, Boston, USA
    2016 The Danish Art Foundation, Copenhagen, Dk
    2015 Internatonal Ceramics Museum Foundation of Faenza, Faenza, It

나는 도자라는 매체, 전통적인 판성형 기법, 나의 손재주, 도예에 대한 현대사회의 인식, 이 모든 것에 도전하는 것을 목표로 한다. 건축과 기리가미(종이 오리기)에서 영감을 얻어 손으로 자른 종이처럼 얇은 포슬린 판들을 신중하게 조립한 후 붓으로 슬립을 발라 결합하여 기하학적 형태를 탄생시킨다.

I aim to challenge; the ceramic materials, the traditional slab-building technique, my own skills, and the current perception of ceramic art. Inspired by architecture and kirigami, I build paper thin geometric constructions in porcelain slabs, cut by hand and meticulously assembled with brush and slurry. ---------------------------------------------------------- The work "The Diamond Reef" is named after an old area at the beach of Bornholm (a small island in Denmark). Around 19th century, the Bornholm diamonds were found in the sea, an cut for jewelry. Not the real carbon diamonds, but silica crystals encrusted in calcite concretions. I like the story about the old Bornholm diamonds of silica, as silica is one of the main materials in clay. Which leads to an ongoing question: the value of materials!