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Anne Butler앤 버틀러

    UK, 영국
    Self Employed Ceramics
    2000 University of Wales Cardiff, Ceramics, MA
    1985 University of Ulster Belfast, Ceramics, BA
    2018 True Colours, Contemporary Applied Arts, London, UK
    2018 Royal Ulster Academy Annual Exhibition(selected), Ulster Museum 2015 2016 2017 2018, Belfast, UK
    2018 Members Exhibition, Royal Society of Sculptors, London, UK
    2017 RDS Craft Awards Exhibition, Royal Dublin Society, Dublin, Ireland
    2017 Portfolio Critical Selection, National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny, Ireland
    2017 New Members Exhibition, Contemporary Applied Arts, London, UK
    2017 Narratives in Making, Ruthin Art and Craft Gallery, Ruthin, Wales, UK
    2017 Bravura, Blue Egg Gallery, Wexford, Ireland
    2017 Artists in Craft, Cill Rialaig, Kerry, Ireland
    2017 Annual Exhibition, Round House Gallery, Foston, UK
    2018 Selection, RDS Craft Award, RDS, Dublin, Ireland
    2018 Craft Award £15000, Rosemary James Memorial Award, Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Belfast, Northern Ireland
    2017 Portfolio Critical Selection2017 2018, Contemporary Craft, DCCOI, Kilkenny, Ireland
    2016 Sponsorship, Innovations in Ceramic Art, On line Ceramics, Cambridge, UK
    2018 Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Belfast, UK
    2017 Hunts Museum ICCC, Limerick, Ireland
    2016 Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Belfast, UK
    2018 Workshop, Presentation, University of Ulster, Belfast, UK
    2018 Seminar, Royal Dublin Society. DCCoI, Dublin, Ireland
    2017 Workshop, Public Lecture, LSAD, Limerick, Ireland
    2017 Presentation, Ulster Museum, Belfast, UK

나의 작품은 고고학, 지질학, 구조물에 대한 나의 관심을 회상시켜준다. 나는 주물을 뜨고, 겹겹이 쌓고, 형태를 만들고, 조각으로 부수고, 발굴하는 작업을 통하여 개인과 문화 유산과의 연관성, 그리고 물질, 과정, 시간의 흐름 간의 관계를 탐구한다.

There is much reminiscent of my interest in archaeology, geology and structure in my wrok. Through casting, layering, constructing, fragmenting and excavating, I explore associations between individual and cultural memory as well as relationships between material, process and the passage of time.